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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fall Blau Painting Update - 25th September 2016

No blog update last week as Victoria and I were road-tripping to South Dakota and had a great time, I'll be updating the Mr & Mrs Scrivs On Tour blog later today with the travelogue.

However, getting back from South Dakota on Friday I was able to finish the highlights and bases on the last handful of  Crusader Miniatures Germans for the Fall Blau project.

They were painted using my standard method and again using a mix of tunic and trouser colours to represent a unit on campaign. I have based a few figures in pairs as I think these also make great Patrol Markers when playing Chain of Command, much better than a disc of card.

I likely need to add another in the near future to make a fourth, I have placed a small order on Northstar in anticipation.

I have also added another 5cm Mortar, although it's unlikely I shall need a second but a shame to let figures go to waste.

Likewise a second anti-tank rifle using a spare figure (his team-mate was used on the tripod MG-34 base)

A second Leutnant joins the force, again another brilliant, dynamic figure from the Crusader range.

I really like this chap with the MP-40, I reckon that it's likely I may use him as the Feldwebel leading the platoon.

A couple more riflemen from the unit. I quite like the idea of adding a length of brass rod to this one to use him as a sniper.

Here is a shot of the full platoon, deployed around those hovels I built at the start of the project while waiting for the figures to arrive..

That's the last 15 Germans done for the Fall Blau project and I have made a start on the Soviets, a good few of them were base-coated while we were on our travels and I hope to post some of the finished ones next week.

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