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Sunday, 16 December 2018

9th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

A new departure for me, I've signed up for Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge now in its 9th year.

I'm not allowed to splash any paint on my entries before the 21st December, but you can assemble, clean up and prime. So, assembled and primed already I have a battery of Perry Miniatures ACW artillery ready to be painted for my Confederates plus a Confederate limber and team, again from the Perry's. A box of un-assembled Zouaves completes the ACW task list.

I also plan to crack on some more with the Hundred Years War project and I plan to clear the deck before the 21st by completing another six French mounted Men at Arms, and cleaning up then priming the Perry French mounted command at Agincourt set that I have.

That's the short term goals sorted, I plan to pick up some more Agincourt infantry over the next week or so and there is kilos of stuff in the 'pile of shame' that I could crack on with too.

Monday, 3 December 2018

On the first day of Christmas....

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Four geese a hissing.

It does not really scan, does it. But yesterday Victoria gave me a pack of geese from Warbases, and very much appreciated they are.

Lovely castings and just a few minutes to clean them up and prime them and about another half hour to get them painted up as Canada Geese defending their patch.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Hundred Years War: French(1)

This week sees the first of the French Hundred Years War contingent completed with two bases of mounted Men at Arms from the Perry Miniatures range.

 I used a mix of mounted Men- at-arms with and without the 'white armour'.

I can see already some 'bendy lance,' especially on the blue and white one, and I think that this is going to be exacerbated over time by them not fitting in a 4ltr Really-Useful box.

There are another half-dozen of these on the paint table at the moment and I also have the French mounted command at Agincourt ready to be cleaned up.

This is the first use of the cavalry custom bases that I ordered from Warbases and I rather like the effect.

I'm working away in Buffalo, N.Y. next week so shall be kept away from brushes and paints, so likely no updates for a bit.

Some close-ups of the individual Men at Arms.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Hundred Years War: English (6)

Just over a month after starting painting these two boxes of Agincourt English Infantry the final six Men at Arms were completed.

They have been a joy to paint and I've already started on some mounted French Men at Arms to have something to play against these with.

I've also managed to do the custom bases for these dozen units. These were a special order from Warbases, I wanted a 80x60 round cornered tray to hold six infantry or three cavalry, I'm rather happy with how these turned out.

I just need to figure out what rules to play them with now, I'm tempted with Warhammer Ancient Battles, Hail Caesar and To the Strongest! but all of these will require a lot more painting be done. I've tried Lion Rampant the once and was not that enamoured, maybe I need to give them another go.

Here are all 72 figures from both boxes arrayed with the Men at Arms in the centre and flanked by the archers. The stakes on the bases are also included in the 'English Army' set from the Perrys.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Hundred Years War: English (5)

Yesterday saw a dozen English long-bowmen finished. As previously they are made up from the Perry Miniatures English Army 1415-1429 box and are a delight to paint.

Unlike the previous three batches, I've done these in more neutral tones, they could either represent lower status units, or, if I want to field larger units get mixed in with the existing troops.

From the original two boxes, I've only got six of the Men at Arms left to paint so it was fortuitous yesterday that deliveries arrived from both Warbases and Perry Miniatures. I immediately set around sorting out a couple of the custom bases and you can see the effect in these pictures.

The movement trays I ordered are an 80mm x 60mm with rounded corners, the one for the foot has six irregularly spaced holes for 20mm rounds while the one for the horse has three 20mm x 45mm spaced rectangles for the Reneda bases that I mount my cavalry on.

The delivery from the Perrys contained 15 mounted French Men at Arms, I cleaned up a few, here is how the movement trays shall look with cavalry on them.

I've already started using some of the stakes from the box set on a few of the movement trays so that I can show the bowmen deployed behind their defences.

More shots of the long-bowmen out of their movement trays.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Hundred Years War: English (4)

Taking advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend I've made good progress on the Hundred Years War English that I started back on Agincourt day. The painting rate on these has been good and I've had a return of 42 figures in 28 days, a rate that I don't think I've maintained all year.

All figures are from the English Army 1415-1429 box and are as ever a delight to paint. Assembly can be a bit of a pain, a lot of the scabbards are really hard to remove from the sprue and the fine haft of the war-hammer has broken on a couple of occasions for me.


There are a nice mix of figures in Jupons allowing you to add a bit of colour to that mass of steel. I also added a few Orle on these, they seem to fit some of the helmets better than others, so a touch of trial and error.

The standard bearer carries the colour of Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham that is supplied on the painting guide. The paper is a bit thick for using as a standard and may get replaced with something more dynamic at a later date.

There are another dozen archers on the painting table being highlighted and another six Men at Arms to do then I'm out, here's hoping those French Men at Arms arrive from the UK soon.

American Civil War: Union (15)

It's been about ten weeks since the Union forces received any reinforcements, but this week I put the finishing touches to a battery of Union 3" Rifles.

These are all put together from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Artillery set and it's a bargain at twenty quid for eighteen crew, three guns and three limbers.

I had a calamity when priming, the tin of Rustoleum Grey Primer did what can only be described as 'splurged' and covered the guns and crews with a later of claggy gunk. I tried to clean as much off as possible with an old toothbrush but some remains that you mat be able to make out in some of the pictures. 

The guns are painted from a base-coat of Vallejo Russian Uniform WWII that I think gives a good olive colour when highlighted up. The crewmen are painted pretty much the same as ever, base-coat, wash and highlights.

A battery of Confederate artillery has just been primed - without the drama attendant with the Union ones!