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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

19th August 1940 - 1st Campaign Game

We played our first campaign game last night at Maelstrom Games

Greg, Ben & Steve who turned up in time for the reinforcements, played the RAF. Lee played the Luftwaffe with some help from me.

B Flight at 8000ft is bounced by three schwarm of Bf110.

“B” Flight
Blue Section

Blue 1 -  F/0 Boggs - Jnr Ace
Blue 2 -  Sgt Carradine - Jnr Ace ( Glory Hunter )
Blue 3 -  P/0 Devlin - Jnr Ace

Green Section

Green 1 -  F/O Quinlan - Veteran
Green 2 -  Sgt Graham - Regular
Green 3 -  P/O Widmark - Sprog

“B” Flight are bounced by three Schwarm of 12 ME110 led by Top Ace Schneider including the Junior ace Hohl.
F/O Boggs opens the score shooting down Hohls' ME110 with a deadly accurate front deflection burst causing catastrophic structural damage then follows up with another ME110 kill another by finishing off the pilot. True to form, Sgt Carradine breaks formation as soon as he sees the enemy and soon claims another ME110 felled with catastrophic structural damage. P/O Devlin kills the pilot of another ME110 shooting the plane down. F/O Quinlan makes a claim on a ME110 that later crash lands over Kent. A flight of three Spitfires join the dog-fight accounting for another ME110.
Surprisingly, despite the array of cannon and machine guns pointing forwards on the ME110 most damage is caused by the single MG15 operated by the rear gunners.
F/O Quinlan suffers damage to his aircraft (fuel line and engine damage), although last seen heading back to base he does not arrive, fate unknown. P/O Widmark is wounded in the melee and crash lands his plane in a farmer’s field, the plane is a complete write-off, Widmark is pulled from the wreckage with serious wounds and will be out for two weeks.

For a total of one missing plane & pilot and one wounded pilot and crashed aircraft the RAF bag a total of 5 Huns.

Another sortie will be flown today.

A pair of Hurricanes (Beck & Graham) from Green section bounce a  Schwarm of Bf-109E-1

We'll play this out at Maelstrom Games on Thursday 3rd November.