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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Club Night - Saga: Wooden Oaths

These past couple of days I have been working in Brooklands so while down south I took the opportunity to pop over to Winnersh yesterday evening to play the local club - The Wargames Association of Reading - who seem to nearly all be called Richard.

Several Richards
Wayne Richardson (see some Richard in there too) had set up two tables so we could play the Wooden Oaths scenario from the new Northern Fury supplement for Saga, this is a four player scenario with loose alliances.

Richard and I each used a 4-pt Norman army, Christophe and Richard each used a 4-pt Viking army.

I used:
Warlord, two units of 4 mounted Knights, one unit of 8 Sergeants, one unit of 8 Sergeants with crossbow.
Richard used:
Warlord, one unit of 11 mounted Sergeants, one unit of 5 mounted Sergeants, one unit of 8 Sergeants with crossbow, one unit of 12 levy with bow.
The Normans would start as the Black team.

The Viking players were, Christophe:
Warlord, one unit of 4 Hirdmen, one unit of 4 Berserkers, one unit of 8 Bondi, one unit of 12 Thralls with bow.
Richard used:

Warlord, two units of 4 Hirdmen, one unit of 4 Berserkers, one unit of 12 Thralls with bow.
The Vikings would start as the Red team.

The scenario involves randomising who takes a turn with cards and then the players get the option to switch sides at the end of each turn. For two of the six turns all players were on the 'Black' side so not a lot of combat happened in the middle of the game.

I got to use my new Christian Spanish for the first time so include some images below.

The Black team eventually won the game 28-24.

My new Ballesteros

My Sergeants and Knights

The Viking raiders line up - to all gather in a walled field

The Sergeants don't look to healthy
I had a great time with some fine fellows, but really don't understand how you south-east chaps put up with spending 90 minutes to do a 25-mile journey there and back.

I was supposed to be playing Saga again this evening at the White Hart, but the interminable drive back from Brooklands soon put paid to that.