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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 13 May 2012

Black Powder Blenheim with the Sunday Cake Club

Steve Butler invited Adie and myself to a re-fight of the Battle of Blenheim by the Sunday Cake Club. Martin had set up a 24ft x 6ft table at the Beasts Lair (Gripping Beast HQ in Evesham)

Unfortunately, Adie was not able to make it so Steve had to play rather than umpire the game.

Getting the figures out really was a mammoth task, there were 74 Foot Battalions, 142 Horse Squadrons and 29 batteries to be deployed, that is over 2500 figures.

Getting the figures out


 I would play the Danish troops under Eugene opposite the town of Oberglau. To my right, Martin played the Prussians opposite Lutzingen. On my left, Joel had the British and Dutch and on his left flank Eds had the Britisha and Hesse-Cassel troops opposite Bleniem. The French and Bavarians were played by Mark in Belenheim, then Bob, Paul was opposite myself and Steve had the Bavarians in front of Lutzingen.

We deployed our troops on the far side of the Nebel. The French under Mark were deployed in Blenheim, Bob had the French holding the ground between Blenheim and Oberglau. Pauls French were deployed opposite me in and around Oberglau. Finally, Steve position his Bavarians in front of Lutzingen.

My force consisted of:
Brigadier CV8, 3 Battalions of Danish Foot

Brigadier CV8, 3 Battalions of Danish Foot
Brigadier CV8, 6 Squadrons of Danish Cuirassiers

Brigadier CV8, 4 Squadrons of Danish Cuirassiers, 2 Squadrons of Danish Horse

Brigadier CV8, 6 Squadrons of Danish Horse

Brigadier CV8, 4 Squadrons of Danish Horse, 2 Squadrons of Danish Dragoons
2 Light Batteries, 1 Medium Battery, 1 Howitzer.

In all, both sides were fielding 25 Brigades, so we both had to destroy 13 enemy brigades.

Initial deployment looking from Lutzingen towards Blenheim

Bavarian Cavalry

Bavarian Cavalry

French troops east of Oberglau

French troops west of Oberglau

Prussian troops in front of Lutzingen

The Danish troops allocated to me

British and Dutch troops


Looking from Blenheim towards Lutzingen

Again, looking from Blenheim towards Lutzingen

Early Stages 

As it was such a huge battle, I was not able to keep track of everything that happened so will concentrate on my action in the centre around Oberglau.

My troops crossed the Nebel and engaged in a fire-fight against the Irish holding the town. I knew from previous experience that trying to attack a town can be very difficult, so I instead tried to screen the town, attempting to set it alight with my Howitzer. My second foot brigade would engage the French to the east of the town.

Of course, it's difficult to maintain a fire-fight at a disadvantage, so my foot was soon in a bad way and it was time to extricate them.

The initial Allied turn

The Prussians advance

Danish troops cross the Nebel

Durch and British cross the Nebel

Mark sits tight in Blenheim

Rather a large block of Allied Horse

A view from an Allied perspective

Pauls French attack my Danes

The Danes try to pin the Irish in Oberglau

Steady advance of the British and Dutch

Lots of Frenchmen

The Irish repel the Danish foot in front of Oberglau

Prussians and Bavarians engage closely

Middle Stages 

As it was such a huge battle, I was not able to keep track of everything that happened so will concentrate on my action in the centre around Oberglau.

With my foot weakened, Paul launched his French onto the offensive around Oberglau. I was keeping my cavalry back so was soon mopped up. After a short time, both Danish foot Brigades were broken, but the cavalry were still intact.

Danish under pressure from the French

Two firing lines

It does not look good for the Danish

The French pressure the Danes even more

End Stage

As it was such a huge battle, I was not able to keep track of everything that happened so will concentrate on my action in the centre around Oberglau.

Martin and I had conserved our cavalry, letting the infantry take the brunt of the French and Bavarian attacks, Martin in his role of Eugene decided it was time to unleash the horse, my 24 Danish Squadrons, alongside Martins 21 Squadrons fell upon the French and Bavarian cavalry sweeping them from the field. We were then able to turn both east and west falling onto the flanks of the Bavarian and French foot. The Allied troops between Oberglau and Lutzingen were swept away.

Totalling up, the Allies had lost the 13 Brigades that was our target, the British had lost 9 Brigades.

Unleashing the Prussian and Danish Cavalry onto the French Foot

British Horse

Fighting to the east of Blenheim

Victoria baked a Victoria Sponge that I contributed to the cake pile, unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the pile of goodies we consumed during the game.

A fantastic days play, many thanks to the Sunday Cake Club for the invite and for letting me play with all your lovely toys.


  1. Sunday Cake Club?!!? That's sheer genius, shame no pics of cake. Was there any coffee and walnut cake?
    Fab looking game too, not my period but very appreciative of the piccies. Any idea who did some of the bigger buildings?
    Be good
    Jeremy J

    1. I forgot to take pictures of the cakes. There was indeed a very nice coffee and walnut cake that Ed took. I had two slices of the Victoria sponge that Victoria baked for me and a slice of chocolate cake that I think Joel took.

      When I got home Victoria pointed out to me that four slices of cake did not constitute 'lunch'

      Not sure on the buildings, I was a complete 'parasite gamer' on this one, having painted none of the figures and added none of the terrain.

      I did get home though and break my figure buying moratorium with a unit of Ebor WSS French to paint up - so it may work out quite expensive in the end.