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Saturday, 19 May 2012

El Cid: Another 8 Caballeros

This week I have finished off another 8 Caballeros and an Infante for the Age of El Cid Christian Spanish I am painting for Warhammer Ancient Battles / Saga.

All the miniatures are from the Perry Miniatures First Crusade range.

First shots are of a mounted Infante:

 Then another eight Caballeros. The standard was supposed to be a rearing beast, but looks more like a prancing horse. Given the red / yellow scheme I suppose that these ought to be fast Knights then.


Caballeros of the Prancing Horse

Are they really Italian Mercenaries from Maranello?

Caballeros close-up

Caballeros close-up

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Caballeros close-up
 Here is a shot of all the Christian Spanish completed so far. It is looking like an army now at just under 1500pts painted.

1457pts to WAB
On the painting table at the moment, 8 more Caballeros, 8 Aqueros, 8 Skirmishers and some casualties.