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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Partizan and more Caballeros

I spent yesterday in the sun on the back garden finishing off the paint job on another eight Caballeros. I spent so long out there I got sunburn on the back of my neck.

Here are the eight Caballeos:

Here are a few close ups.

Standard Bearer

Two Caballeros

Musician and Leader

Here is the whole lot so far, it's getting very close to 2000pts now.

I also cleaned up and did the cleaning up and 'green-stuffing' on the remainder of the El Cid models ready for a spray of primer.

Kelham Hall

Today Victoria (Mrs Scrivsland), Steve, Lesley and I went to Partizan at Kelham Hall, we had about an hour and a half mooching around the show. I failed with the 'no figure buying' and purchased another 30 Perry Miniatures First Crusades to use in the El Cid force:

So another thirty figures on the lead pile. Not much of a report on the event, there were the usual traders and some very nice demonstration games as usual. I think I spent more time catching up with old friends though.

After walking round the show, we had a picnic in the grounds of Kelham Hall, Victoria had prepared a great spread of home made pies, cakes and goodies, we also shared a bottle of Champagne.

Victoria had even bought some bunting. 

Really not sure why Steve has a napkin on his head.

Bit of an Arty Shot here - Victoria took this one. 

Back from Partizan I spent more time in the sun on the back garden cleaning up the new purchases, adding a bit of 'green stuff' and they have now had a spray of primer. There are rather more El Cid figures to do but it looks very much like an army now.