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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Saga Vikings for Lee

I have been trying this year to reduce the lead mountain and am going at it quite well so far in 2012 I have purchased 198 28mm figures and have painted 382 28mm figures, I have not kept count of the stuff in other scales, but I think I have quite a positive balance for the year.

Any how, I was doing really really well at clearing the lead mountain, having just finished those Christian Spanish when Lee came round with a load of Gripping Beast Almohavids that he bought and has done nothing with. Did I want to buy them - well they were tempting but I was having a moratorium on starting new projects.

I did not want to buy them, so Lee was going to go off to eBay with them. I had a though, a few years ago Lee had given me a load of Dark Ages figures that he had bought and was never going to paint - do you see a pattern here? I would paint him a Saga war-band in exchange for those Almohavids. 

Looking at the figures I had, there were a lot of lovely Artizan Designs Vikings in the mix so I based the majority of the warband on these filling in with other figures where needed. 

So far I have painted four points up, a Warlord, two units of four Hirdmen and two units of eight Bondi. I'll do another unit of Hirdmen and a unit of Bondi over the next few weeks.

These are all done in my standard base-coat, sepia wash, couple of highlights method.

Here is a lot of shots of the work so far, apologies about the poor photography, a new camera is on the list of things to get.

Four point Saga Viking Warband





I tool a whole load of images, here are some shots of each unit each at a different angle.