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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Saga Feast for Crows Introductory Game

A week last Thursday I put on a Saga game for Ian an Phil. Ian has had a couple of games of Saga, but Phil had not played and was keen to try it out.

I took along my Christian Spanish (to use as Normans), my Early Saxon Kingdoms (to use as Anglo-Danish) and my Vikings (intended to be used as Vikings). Although he has not played yet, Phil was well kitted out, he has purchased a copy of Saga, a copy of Northern Fury, a set of Viking dice and a boxed set of Jomsvikings.

Phil asked if he could use my Vikings as Jomsvikings, well why not. Ian elected to use the Saxons as Anglo-Danish and I took the Normans. As there were three of us we would play the Feast for Crows scenario.

The warbands were:
Myself - Normans, Warlord, three units of Mounted Knights, one unit of Sergeants with Crossbow.
Ian - Anglo Danish, Warlord, two units of Huscarles, two units of Ceorls
Phil - Jomsvikings, Warlord, two units of Hirdmen, two units of Bondi

I'll leave you to add your own caption! There may be a small prize.
Ian formed his Anglo-Danish into a tight formation behind a field and Phil advanced half his troops towards them and put the other half of his troops and his Warlord into a wood near my troops.

After an initial disastrous couple of activations for shooting, my Sergeants with Crossbows came good and accounted for a good number of the Bondi in the woods. Ian was on fire though, he corralled his troops well and was able to repulse most attacks by both mine and Phils troops. Apart from the desultory shooting, I never got to grip with the Jomsvikings near me as they skulked in the woods. A couple of concerted charges by the Knights bounced off the Anglo-Danish shield wall as did the furious charges of the Jomsvikings.

When we counted up who had killed what at the end, Ian came out a clear winner 

All in all it was a great introduction for Phil and I'm pretty sure he wants to have another go at it - I'd hope so after all that out-lay he made.

This was the first time we had played the Jomsvikings and they did not seem to powerful, as we were playing the multi-player scenario every time Phil used one of his 'let me do this or my fury builds up' we rolled a dice to see who made the choice. 

Here are some shoddy pictures from the game taken with my, hopefully, soon to be replaced camera.

All the figures are from my collection and were painted by myself and the majority of the terrain is from my collection.

Anglo-Danes top left, Jomsvikings top right, Normans down below.

Early Saxons masquerading as their Anglo-Danish G-G-G-G-G-G-Great-Grandsons

The Normans tussle with some porkers

Jomsvikings and Anglo-Danes about to clash

Jomsvikings hide out in the woods.
Tit-bit: The Vikings / Jomsvikings are from an as yet unreleased range that the owner kindly sent me enough samples to paint up a warband from. Watch this space as I have a few articles to post when the release is announced.


  1. Thanks Scrivs and thanks again for the game- great fun and I'll most definately be playing again. I've even managed to get 8 Jomsvikings warriors painted.
    Hope to catch you soon for another game

  2. Cheers Phil, glad you liked it.

    Look forwards top seeing your fellas.

    You probably saw the pictures, but I already painted the first four points of Lees Vikings too, so that is another to join our happy band.