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Monday, 5 November 2012

Was this my last game at Maelstrom Games?

I was just writing up my latest post about the Saga game I had with Ian and Phil and got to wondering if this was to be my last game at Maelstrom Games.

They seem to have shut down and re-emerged under the name 'The Eye of the Storm", same venue, same staff, etc.

About four weeks ago I placed an order for two boxes of Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic cavalry with a great 30% off discount voucher. The items were shown as being "In stock" and the order showed as "Packing".

A day or so later the order changed to "Processing" and the items now show as "Not in stock". I popped down to Maelstrom on the Sunday when we were running the El Cid campaign day and was assured that the mix up would be sorted and they would be in stock on Thursday.

On the Thursday I was told that, they were not in but try again next Tuesday again on Tuesday, no order for me. By this time I had seen the "buyer beware" buzz on the usual wargames sites so sent an email to cancel the order, no response was received, and now the Maelstrom site is down and they are not responding to phone calls. An email to say "Tough Shit" you took a gamble and lost your cash would at least be something, but the silence from that quarter is deafening.

I know that it is only about £25.00 but it seems that many other gamers are in the same situation and I am not sure I want to continue to give my cash and support until they at least come out with a statement of some kind. I am working away for a couple of weeks, will they even be there when I next get a chance to go to the venue?