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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Further Japanese Reinforcements

I've not posted any painting updates for a while, although I have been quite busy getting stuff painted, so it will be a double update today.

For my Wedding Anniversary, Victoria got me just the right thing, another seven blisters of Assault Group Japanese to add to the ongoing collection, what more could a chap want!

TAG make some excellent sets of Japanese Snipers and Scouts so I made two sniper teams using one figure from each pack:

First sniper team

First sniper team

Second sniper team

Second sniper team
After my game against Phil last week, I also decided that I wanted to rebase my Japanese Light mortars, so I did those too while I was at it, utilsing two of the new figures I painted in this batch.

Rebased light mortars including two new figures
 These are the final ten figures from this past couple of weeks WWII painting session.

Twelve Japanese infantry

 Some close ups:
Japanese Scout

Japanese Rifleman taking cover

Japanese NCO with Type 100 SMG