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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

IJN & USN Reinforcements

I've been a bit slow on the painting front over the past few weeks, what with the WAB GT and all that. However I have managed to polish off a bunch of Navwar 1/3000th ships that have been lying around.

Amongst this lot I painted I now have all the ships that I need in order to do a re-fight of the Battle of the Coral Sea. Whether we actually get around to doing that is another thing, but at least the option is on the table.
The list of ship painted this session included:
  • USN Carriers: Lexington and Enterprise
  • USN Cruisers: Minneapolis, New Orleans, Salt Lake City & Pensacola
  • USN Destroyers: 20 various destroyers
  • USN Sea-plane Tender: Langley
  • USN Oilers: Neosho and Tippecanoe
  • IJN Carriers: Shokaku, Zuikaku and Shoho
  • IJN Destroyers: 14 various destroyers
  • IJN Mine-layers: Okinoshima and Tsugaru
  • Cruise Ship: Orcades
Sad lad that I am, I now have 239 ships painted for the Imperial Japanese Navy, Koninklijke Marine (Dutch Navy), Kreigsmarine, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and US Navy and can fight all of these actions with the stuff I have painted:
  • Battle of the River Plate
  • Battle of the Java Sea
  • Battle of Sunda Strait
  • Battle of the Coral Sea
  • First Battle of Savo Island
  • Battle of the Eastern Solomons
  • Third Battle of Savo Island
  • Fourth Battle of Savo Island
  • Battle of Empress Augusta Bay
As I said, sad sad lad....

I took a lot of pictures but most of them came out pretty shoddy, here is the best of the bunch...

Shoho, Shokaku & Zuikaku

Neosho, Tippecanoe & Orcades

14 Japanese Destroyers