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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Black Powder - 1815 French vs Prussians

Action in the centre
This evening I was due to play a game of Black Powder against Mog with his Prussians, unfortunately he is struck down with Man Flu so Paul stepped up to the plate with his Prussians. We both picked 750pt lists from Albion Triumphant II, I used:

Divisional Commander SR8
Brigade Commander SR8, 2 Legere, 1 Veteran Ligne
Brigade Commander SR8, 4 Ligne, 1 Foot Artillery
Brigade Commander SR7, 4 Ligne, 1 Foot Artillery
Brigade Commander SR8, 1 Veteran Dragoons
Brigade Commander SR8, 2 Cuirassiers

I'm not really sure what Paul used, because I'm not familiar with the Prussians, but he certainly had three units of cavalry (one each of Dragoons, Hussars and Lancers), three Foot Batteries and a Horse Battery and about eight battalions of infantry.

The right hand side of the centre
We rolled for the Generals characteristics and I rolled pretty poorly and Paul rolled excellently, most of his were highly Independent and/or Decisive - bugger.

We set too and very soon my small infantry Brigade and my Dragoons were shaken, not a good start, although I was giving the Prussians as good as they got. Paul ensconced a unit of Fusiliers in a building but rather than being suckered into trying to take the building I just wheeled up a battery and gave them a pounding.

In one ridiculous round of combat, a unit of my Cuirassier unit charged a unit of Prussian Hussars, Paul told me that 'this is a luck unit', too bloody right, out of my ten attacks on a 3+ I hit three times and Paul saved them all, and then with his six attacks back caused three casualties on the Cuirassiers who only won the combat by rolling a 3 on the Heavy Cavalry +D3 roll!

Bloody Hussars that refuse to die.
I was pushing hard at the Prussians and were were both taking heavy casualties, but I made a stupid mistake, having shattered his cavalry Brigade, a unit of Cuirassier with  two casualties on them pursued into a broken cavalry unit and despite winning the combat took a completely unnecessary  casualty and resulted in the breaking of my third brigade and hence the army.

The game was really quite close though, both of us had only lost a couple of units actually destroyed and were were both only a casualty or two from having a large infantry brigade shattered which would have been the end of things.

I'm obviously a bit  rusty at Black Powder but still had an excellent time.

The terrain is all from the collection of Paul, who painted all the Prussians, the French are all mine. I forgot to take many photos during the game, but these three are a few I snapped towards the end.