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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday 10 June 2013

Painting the Perry Desert Rats - half a box painted

Like many other people I succumbed to a box of the lovely new Perry Miniatures Desert Rats at Salute 2013. However, being quite busy with preparing for the Battle Meiktilla game that we put on at  Partizan I was not really able to get my teeth stuck into these.

I had my first break on the first weekend in May. My daughter was doing a vintage fare near to where she lives in Hereford and my wife and I would pop along to see them and to also take out her boyfriend for a while as it could not be that exciting for him sitting there at a vintage fare. So after a morning in the tea rooms at Goodrich castle with Victoria and an afternoon in a pub beer garden with George I had stuck all 38 figures together.

The following day was a Bank Holiday Monday so I gave them a good spray with Army Painter Desert Yellow. The figures were then put in a box and left well to one side while I finished off the preparations for the Battle of Meiktila game.

Last Sunday evening, Partizan was over and my itch could be scratched. I grabbed 19 of the figures and made a start on painting them. The formula used was as follows (all Vallejo Model Colour paints unless noted otherwise):

  • US Tan Earth/Dark Sand (50/50): Helmets without covers, radio equipment, 2" mortar
  • Stone Grey: Some shirts, some socks
  • Khaki: Some shirts, some socks, covered helmets, gaiters, rifle slings
  • Buff: Some shirts, some socks
  • Iraqi Sand: Shorts
  • Saddle Brown: Rifle stocks, helmet straps, bayonet handles, some boots
  • Black: Some boots, rifle fittings, bayonet fittings, soles,
  • Beige Brown: Flesh
  • Brass: Rifle butt plates
  • Gunmetal Grey: Bayonets

Once the figures were base-coated they were given a wash with Vallejo Sepia Wash
I then went on to apply the highlights:

  • Dark Sand: Dark Sand, then Dark Sand mixed with Pale Sand
  • Khaki: Khaki, then Khaki mixed with Pale Sand
  • Buff: Buff then Buff mixed with Pale Sand
  • Stone Grey: Stone Grey then Stone Grey mixed with Ivory
  • Iraqi Sand: Iraqi Sand then Iraqi Sand mixed with Pale Sand
  • Saddle Brown: Saddle Brown then Saddle Brown mixed with Dark Sand
  • Black: Black Grey
  • Metallic Black: Black mixed with Gunmetal Grey
  • Beige Brown: Beige Brown then Beige Brown mixed with Medium Flesh-tone
  • Brass: Brass
  • Gunmetal Grey: Gunmetal Grey then Silver

Paint the bases Yellow Ochre, dry-brush with Yellow Ochre and Pale Sand, then Pale Sand. I am still thinking about what I want to do with the prone figures, the 40mm x 40mm bases supplied are a bit too small, I think they will be based on bases with rounded corners.

Here is the finished result so far:


  1. Great to see these painted! They look to be some fine miniatures. Are you planning to get some desert opposition (DAK/Italians) for them?

  2. Those look great mate.
    Very helpful painting guide as well! :-)
    For Bolt Action I'm assuming.

  3. Very nice thanks for the painting guide.


  4. Great work on these in record time. I took a look at a sprue of these when Guy Bowers visited last month. Best, Dean

  5. Great stuff. Perry have turbaned heads coming out soonish, too.

  6. Thanks chaps, we have had a game of I Ain't Been Shot Mum with them so far, and given the scale of the project we are working on, I think that Bolt Action will be too small to cope, but no doubt they will see some Bolt Action games too.

  7. I was wondering about the skin tone until I saw your post on LAF naming them as 4th Indian. Looking good, I like the variety in shirt colours.

    1. Whoops, put nothing in this post about them being Indians.