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Saturday, 22 June 2013

More lovely Shieldwall Vikings

Johnny sent me some more of the new Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings, four aggressive Hirdmen attacking with axes and a very enthusiastic looking Hirdman with sword and shield.

As with all the other Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings these are lovely looking models and an absolute doddle to paint.

I used my standard basecoat, sepia wash and then highlight method with the bases finished off with pumice gel.

I have had a few folks ask how they can get hold of these, so talking to Jonny, the Shieldwall Miniatures are not yet available in the Gripping Beast web-store, but if you email or call Gripping Beast on  +44 1386 761511 (01386 761511 in the UK) then they will be happy to sort you out.

Anyway on to the images.

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  1. These look great - I'd tried the sepia wash once but wasn't sure but i think you've sold me on it. Thanks for sharing. Dan