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Monday, 12 August 2013

DIY mat for X-Wing Miniatures Game

Last week I need a tin of Army Painter Desert Yellow spray in order to start on another box of Perry Miniatures Desert Rats. It seems to be like rocking-horse shit at the moment and the only place that seemd to have any was the chaps at Firestorm Games. It seemed rather a small order with just one aerosol so I also purchased a copy of the X-Wing miniatures game from them.

The game arrived last Thursday and very good it seems too, however, there is no playing area and a plain table top is not going to cut it. I looked around and you can buy some very expensive mats, but I've not played the game yet so I went for the cheaper option.

A piece of black felt 1m x 1.5m cost me £4.94 from eBay. It arrived today and I pegged it out on the washing line. I then grabbed a handful of Vallejo paints, the lid off of an old tub and an old toothbrush (old in that I was still using it this morning).

Squirt some paint onto the lid, pick up with toothbrush and 'flick' the bristles at the felt. I predominately used white, but also did a few 'blasts' of red, blue and yellow.

It seems to have turned out ok and was a bargain at under a fiver!

Peg out the cloth

Put some paint on the pallet

Pick up paint with toothbrush and flick at the felt

Action shot!
Victoria and I have had a couple of games of X-Wing, Victoria demanding to be the Rebels in both games and we are currently at one-all! It's a neat little system.