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Friday, 13 September 2013

Burma 1945 - Chain of Command

Quint surveys our field of play
Yesterday evening I had my second game of Chain of Command. This time we moved from the scrub-land of 1941 East Africa to the forests of Burma in 1945.

I have done a quick Japanese list for Chain of Command that you can find here. This would be pitted against a British Rifle Platoon.

After a roll off Quint would be playing the Japanese and I would have the British. I spend the additional four points on another Rifle Section.

Quint had a force moral of 11 to my 9!

The table was laid out with a small village off centre and several thickets of dense jungle surrounded by more open jungle.

The patrol phase started well for the British, I manage to pin two of Quints patrol markers that were about 14" apart effectively pinning a third marker between them. Rather than fighting across the table I pretty much had the right hand side of the table and Quint had the left.

The British left flank holds against Japanese probes
We rolled for additional troops and as we both had spend on 'List One' we both picked an Adjutant'

We both put out our initial probes I had a small force of one section and the platoon sergeant on my left (actually the table edge nearest me) while the platoon commander and the other three sections were on my right. Quint massed in the centre splitting his force between the village and a large thicket.

Mt sole section did a good job of holding up that flank while I swept around the right. I tried to cover with one section while the other two advanced on the Japanese and was doing quite well with this and the Japanese were soon piling up shock markers. However, there was a problem, Quinton always seemed to be getting kills whatever he needed on the dice, my sections were not taking shock, they were dying - in droves! I was soon taking moral checks and my force moral was plummeting. Two section leaders were down wounded and I did not have a Chain of Command dice to end the turn to get them back in place as I had wasted my only one earlier on some terrible interdiction fire!
The British try to sweep around the right.

We wrapped up at about 09:45 still on Turn 1, I had been reduced to a force moral of 1 while Quint was still up there on 11. The Japanese had taken a lot of casualties, but I'd not managed to reduce his moral at all.

After this I changed the Force Rating of my Beta list from 4 to 5, for huge sections is a terrible thing to have to try to overcome.

Another great game of Chain of Command, we may get one into a second turn one of these days.

One issue did come up with the rules, the chart for the activation dice says that you can Deploy OR Activate a unit on that dice, wheras in the rules it says you can both Deploy AND Activate!