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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday 12 September 2013

Japanese Rifle Platoon for Chain of Command

Updated 9th November 2013
We are using the Japanese in Chain of Command for the first time this evening. As no list is currently available, I've put the following together. I'll try to give an appraisal of how it went later.

Japanese Rifle Platoon
Platoon Force Rating
Regular: +5
Command Dice: 5
Special Rules: All Japanese troops are aggressive
Platoon Headquarters
Rikugun Shōi, Senior Leader armed with Katana and Pistol
Gunsō, Senior Leader armed with SMG

Section One to Three
Gochō Kimmu jōtōhei armed with SMG
Infantry Section
Type 96 LMG with two crew and eleven Riflemen

Section Four
Gochō Kimmu jōtōhei armed with SMG
Grenade Launcher Team
Type 89 Grenade Launcher with two crew and two Riflemen
Grenade Launcher Team
Type 89 Grenade Launcher with two crew and two Riflemen
Grenade Launcher Team
Type 89 Grenade Launcher with two crew and two Riflemen

Japanese National Characteristics
Death Before Dishonour: Japanese add +2 to their Force Moral roll.
Jungle Fighters: Japanese troops moving through virgin jungle only subtract -1

Japanese Support List

List Four
List One

Type 92 Infantry Gun with 5 crew
Single Compound Charge or similar

Type 92 Machine Gun on tripod with 5 crew
Medical Orderly

Type 98 20mm Anti-aircraft gun with 5 crew
Engineer Mine Clearance Team, 3 men

Type 94 37mm Anti-tank gun with 5 crew
Engineer Wire Cutting Team, 3 men

Forward Observer and 81mm mortar battery
Engineer Demolition Team, 3 men

Type 94 TK Tankette with Junior Leader

List Five

Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank with Junior Leader
Barbed Wire

Rifle section with Junior Leader
Field Car, no crew

Type 1 Ho-Ni Tank Destroyer with Junior Leader
Entrenchment for one team

Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank with Junior Leader
Suicide anti-tank team

Type 97 Kai-Shinhoto Chi-Ha with Junior Leader
List Two

Road Block

Anti-tank rifle Team, 2 men

Type 89 Grenade Launcher Team, 2 men

Pre-Game Barrage

List Three

Engineer Flamethrower Team, 3 men

Sniper Team, 2 men

20130913: Change Force Rating to +5 after first play test.
20131109: Remove second team from the Infantry sections


  1. Great looking game, as always, Paul. I recognize some of that terrain from the wonderful game you ran earlier in the year for me and Pat - and Stuart. I like that guy in the last photo with the cloth flaps hanging down from his helmet. Best, Dean

    1. Cheers Dean, these are just stock pictures from an old game I used to illustrate my article. I hope to post last nights battle report up.

  2. Whats a Force Moral?

    I am not convinced at the number of submachine guns in the list. The Japanese only had about 10,000 sub machine guns (and the same again for paratroops). Rifles would be the common armament for troops and NCOs. Senior NCOs get a sword. Officers would get a pistol instead of a rifle but if they actually wanted to hurt anyone would get a rifle as well!