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Friday, 13 September 2013

El Scrivs takes on Ibn Webster-Deakin

Christian line up
A few weeks ago Tom and I had a rather splendid game of WAB pitting my Almohavids against Toms Almohavids. After many more turns than is normal I came out on top.

Tuesday it was time for a rematch. This time I chose to use my Christian Spanish as Almohavids against Almohavids can get a bit samey.

Tom took the same 1600pt list as last time:

  • Emir and ASB in a unit of 22 Berber spearmen and 8 archers
  • Sayid and Imam in a unit of 22 Berber spearmen and 8 archers
  • 8 Berber archers
  • Sayid in a unit of 9 Berber horse
  • 12 Christian Knights
  • 9 Tribal Skirmishers

Almohavid battle line
I took Christian Spanish from the Age of El Cid this time

  • Rey and Arminger in a unit of 10 Cabbaleros Hildagos
  • Cantador in a unit of 11 Cabbaleros
  • 9 Jinetes
  • two units of 21 Peone spearmen
  • 8 Skirmishers with bow
  • 9 Skirmishers with slings

I drew a map and Tom deployed, we were pretty much facing off against each other.

Tom managed the first charge of the game when his Berber horse complete with Sayid charged my Cabbaleros, three wounds and three failed saves and my guys were soon on the back foot, they did last a few rounds of combat but never regained the momentum and were eventually broken.
One day Tom will remeber to pack his standard bearers

Things went a bit better for the Spanish in the centre, my Hildagos easily dispatched the mercenary Knights but the massive Almohavid spear blocks were easily beating up the Peones.

By about the fifth turn things were not going well for the Spanish, the Cabbaleros were routed by the Berber horse and one block of Peones and all my skirmishers had fled. As a last ditch the Rey spurred his Hildagos and crashed into the Emir and his bodyguard. Some nifty attacks and the combat was a draw, the sneaky Berbers won the momentum and next turn the Rey and his bodyguard were fleeing.
Jinetes run down skirmishers

In the final turn I managed to rally the Rey and Hildagos and shoot up the remaining Berber horse but it was all in vain, Tom had won by a clear 500 odd points, I'd been giving away unit standards like business cards.

No doubt news of the victory will be shouted from the minarets over on Toms blog.

Berber horse and the doomed Cabbaleros

The Christians advance

Hildagos against cowardly mercenaries

Kill the Emir - or not

There once was a unit of Berber horse here