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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Secret Weapons of the Almohads

At the medieval WAB competition taking place at Colours last weekend, Steve said to me after our game that he was surprised that I had not taken Riding Camels for my Berbers. Having read the rules for Riding Camels I can see that he has a point.

So in preparation for next weeks event at 'The Worlds' in Derby I decided that I needed to buy and paint some camels for my Almohads.

As it's pretty much a one trick pony I did not fancy splashing out a load of cash on white metal Camels so settled for a box of HaT Hadendowah Camelry. This box cost me £8.00 posted and includes a dozen camels - six each of two models, a dozen riders and three foot, the riders and foot are free to a good home if you want them.

I did a simple paint job, the camels were base coated in Vallejo Field Drab and then the usual white and blue scheme of the rest of my Berbers was applied.

It probably took longer to do the bases than it did to paint the models, then again they are soft plastic so the paint will likely have fallen off after next weekends five games.


  1. Nice! I need to add camelry to my collection.

  2. Oh, man, those are great. I don't even have one camel. and here you have a squadron. Best, Dean

  3. Ah-ha! so the exploding Camels have arrived! ;P

    How do they scale up with say GB Paul?


  4. Thanks chaps.
    Darryl, they are a bit small being 1/72 scale, more 25mm than 'heroic' 28mm

  5. Lovely paintjob. I know what you mean about the soft´s like bubblegum. :-D With a bit of thought, HäT could bring These out with El Cid era riders.

  6. Thank you both. It would indeed be easy for these to get a different rider, looking at the Hat sets, this same camel is also used for the Taaishi Camelry set which could be used as El Cid era if you don't use the musket supplied.