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Monday, 16 September 2013

The adventures of Ibn Scrivs at Colours 2013

Another longbow army shoots lumps off me
This past weekend was the Colours show at Newbury and Wayne was running a Medieval Warhammer Ancient Battles tournament at the event, so any army after 1250 at 3500 points.

I don't have much stuff in the way of later medieval but my Almohads were about up until 1269, I'd be able to use the new figures.

The Army

The list I chose to take was:

Caliph - 234pts
Hand Weapon, Javelins, Light Armour, Large Shield

Standard Bearer - 107pts
Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Shield

9 Berber Cavalry - 244pts
Hand Weapon, Throwing Spear, Javelin, Shield . Leader, Musician. Light Cavalry, Feigned Flight

9 Berber Cavalry - 244pts
Hand Weapon, Throwing Spear, Javelin, Shield . Leader, Musician. Light Cavalry, Feigned Flight

27 Spearmen - 366pts
Hand Weapon, Thrusting Spear, Javelins,  Large Shield. Leader, Musician, Standard.

27 Spearmen - 366pts
Hand Weapon, Thrusting Spear, Javelins,  Large Shield. Leader, Musician, Standard.

27 Spearmen - 366pts
Hand Weapon, Thrusting Spear, Javelins,  Large Shield. Leader, Musician, Standard.

25 Spearmen - 340pts
Hand Weapon, Thrusting Spear, Javelins,  Large Shield. Leader, Musician, Standard.

18 Archers - 162pts
Hand Weapon, Bow. Light Infantry

10 Military Orders - 395pts
Hand Weapon, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield. Leader, Musician, Standard. First Charge, Unreliable

10 Military Orders - 395pts
Hand Weapon, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield. Leader, Musician, Standard. First Charge, Unreliable

13 Spearmen - 179pts
Hand Weapon, Throwing Spear, Javelin, Shield . Leader, Musician. Light Infantry, Unreliable

9 Skirmishers - 54pts
Hand Weapon, Shortbow, Buckler. Skirmishers, Unreliable

8 Skirmishers - 48pts
Hand Weapon, Sling, Buckler. Skirmishers, Unreliable

I hoped that the leadership 10 general would prove very useful in helping the infantry hold the line while the cavalry manoeuvred to take them in the flank

A very early alarm call and jumping in the car at 06:15 and I was on my way to Newbury arriving at 08:30. The first few rounds had been pre-drawn and I knew I would have a tough first day.

Knights and spears take on Waynes Foot Knights

Game 1

My first game was to be against Steve Butler with his Medieval English army comprising of: General, Noble and Army Standard bearer in a unit of 32 Seasoned Archers with Light Armour, Hand and a half swords and Stakes. Another unit of 32 Seasoned Archers with Light Armour, Hand and a half swords and Stakes. A third unit of a Noble leading 32 Seasoned Archers with Light Armour, Hand and a half swords and Riding horses. A large unit of 48 Archers with Stakes, two cannon and two units of 9 Gascons with light crossbows completed the force. Steve used his stratagem to place a piece of marsh against the wood on his right flank to effectively block off any marauding cavalry around that side.

I was going to be shot to pieces!

I had the first turn and started my slog across the table into the hail of arrows and started removing figures by the bucket-load. I eventually got into combat with my depleted units and then things started to go my way, one unit of Seasoned Archers and the Archers were destroyed and I had pushed back another unit almost to the table edge - it was falling back in good order every time! - when these archers fluked a round of combat, broke my unit and pursued into my general. This was the end for me, if I had won that round, I would have broken his army. In other poor run of luck a unit of Knights charged into a unit of archers and lost six casualties to the 'stand and shoot' reaction.

Totting up the points, Steve had caused 3553pts and had inflicted 2008pts

I went to have a bit of a look around the show and do some shopping, picking up another load of trees from The Last Valley and then eating my banana based lunch.
Bill and Bow move into position

Game 2

The second of my games would be against WAB author Martin Gibbins with his French Ordinance list. Martin is on a bit of a roll at the moment scooping up tournament victories.

Martin was using his General and Army Standard in a unit of 6 Gendarmes and 6 Men at Arms, two more units of 6 Gendarmes and 6 Men at Arms. Two units of 18 Archers with longbows, one unit of 24 Pikemen, one unit of 12 Crossbowmen, 10 skirmishing light Crossbowmen and two cannon. He completed his deployment with an ambush from a unit of 10 handgunners.

Martin deployed his Gendarmes on my right and by turn three they had crashed into my troops, expectedly breaking all before them. A unit of my Knights played cat and mouse with his third unit. I expected to do better on my left flank, but lady luck was not with me. When my remaining five Knights crashed into his unit of Longbow and inflicted one casualty and took two in return I knew it was not going my way at all. I did manage to break one of the Gendarme units but my army was soon shattered. Martin took 3298pts against my paltry 619.

Foot Knights duff up my spears

Game 3

The final game of the day was to be against Wayne Richards with his War of the Roses Lancastrians. Wayne had his Army General and Standard bearer in a roving role, much like I was. One unit of 24 Foot Knights and two units of 24 Billmen provided his offensive arm, while five units of 24 Archers and two cannon gave him all the missile fire he would need.

This game was turn limited to six turns so I had better get stuck in quick. I tried to flank Wayne on my right and refused my left flank with just a screen. The large number of big units in his force meant that he was quite congested. This was a straight go-for-it. The foot knights are a terrible thing and I really struggled against them, although I did account for four of his blocks of bowmen and his cannon despite great losses on my side.

At the end of the game we totted up. We had both caused great carnage, but we were within 20 points of each other - much like my list game against Wayne neither of us had the upper hand.

At the end of day one I had two losses and a draw. I think I could have done much better in the first two games but they had all been excellent opponents.

That evening Martin and I went for a rather splendid curry in Newbury and polished off the evening by watching Match of the Day and another couple of chapters of King Solomons Mines on the Kindle.

Kerry's archers prepare to be ridden down

Game 4

There was no early start today, I set the alarm for 08:30, showered and checked out at 09:00 and picked up lunch on the way to the venue and still easily made the start time of 09:30.

Next up was Kerry Rayner with another Medieval English army, I was getting quite used to being shot to pieces by now!

Kerry fielded her General and Army Standard bearer in a unit of 24 Foot Knights, she had a unit of 24 Low Country Pikemen, 3 units of 20 Seasoned Archers and one unit of 30 Seasoned archers. Arrow time again!

Kerrys pike and foot knights hold the line
I changed my deployment a little, I was finding that my skirmish screen was being destroyed in the first turn, so I kept my Archers formed in a block and just screened my front with the skirmishers. I also kept all my light cavalry formed up and this proved a good decision.

I managed to work around the flanks with the cavalry while engaging the infantry to the fore. Kelly pushed her Foot Knights and Pikemen forwards and I was soon in a struggle of a fight. Indeed I had the Foot Knights engaged in both the front and flank by my spear units and they were still willing the combat. My saving grace was when the unit fighting to the front fled leaving only my flanking force. Eventually I killed her Army Standard Bearer who 'double-oned' his armour saves and broke the Foot Knights.
The foot knights refuse to be put down and have to be flanked.

By the end I had broken Kerrys army and achieved a solid Victory but my General had fled the table - cowardly dog!

After the game I had another browse around the show and purchased a copy of Settlers of Catan and a Tie Advanced for the Star Wars Miniatures Game - I'd managed so far not to purchase anything that I needed to paint.

Game 5 

The last game of the weekend would be against Richard Hollings with his War of the Roses English army.

Richard Fielded his General and Army Standard and 6 Men at Arms leading a unit of 24 Archers, a unit of 8 Men at Arms leading 24 Archers, a unit of 8 Retinue Bill leading 24 Archers, two units of 40 Pikemen! a unit of 20 Bidet and a unit of 9 Hand Gunners. I was in for another game of being shot to pieces although having spent half his points on Pikemen I could guess that Richard may want to get to grips.

Richards Pike screened with javelinmen
I put my Cavalry up against the Pikemen hoping to temp them out with the annoying Berber Javelins and then move around for a flank charge with my Knights, but Richard was not taking the bait. I managed to break the unit of Archers with the Retinue Bill but the Archer unit lead by the King and Nobles battered two of my spear blocks. I did eventually take one of the Pike blocks in the flank though. The Hand-gunners destroyed one of my Berber horse units.

After the seven turn limit we totted up the points. I had scored 1666 points to Richards 1197 points a minor victory to me.

The Results

With two sever losses, a draw, a major victory and a minor victory I finished 8th from the 12 players. But I was awarded the Best Painted Army award and the Most Sporting Player award, not just for the Medieval event but for the whole Colours show. As you may imagine, I was rather chuffed to say the least.

Martin won the Medieval event, Paddy came second and Steve came third, so my two kickings were tempered by being from two of the best players there and I think I could have gotten a much better result against Steve.

In light of the games with the list I've learned a lot and already have made a few changes in time for the WAB event to be run at the Worlds in Castle Donnington in a couple of weeks.

I forgot to take any photos during my first tow games, but there is plenty of eye candy from the other three.


  1. Congratulations Paul! With an army as splendid as that, you're a winner already! But it sounds like it was a great series of games. Shame I missed you when I was touring the competition games.

  2. Unlucky encountering all those longbows Paul!!

    one game out of four vs Late Medieval is a pretty decent result using Moors I would say- at least for me- which probably isn't any consolation!

    Perhaps letting you know you
    have a really lovely looking army might be?


  3. Well done on the awards and well deserved to be sure, it is a grand looking army.

    Nice comp rep too. I feel your pain for getting shot to bits, it usually happens to my Berbers too.

  4. Great looking game and figs, Paul. Best, Dean

  5. Thanks chaps. I've got another WAB event in a fortnight so I'll take the Berbers again. It's an earlier time period so hopefully I'll not be so shot up before I get into combat.