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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tie Fighters at 6 o'Clock

On Tuesday night Mog and myself had another session at Star Wars Miniatures game.

The first game was a try of the 'Dark Whispers' scenario that we had not played before. The Imperials have to capture one of two Rebel Satellites and escape back off their table edge with it. Looking at what ships I had available we both picked about 50 points. I took two Red Squadron X Wings and Martin took three Tie Fighters, one of which was Mauler Mithel

Mauler Mithel managed to easily scan a Satellite, but the other two Tie Fighters were piloted by Laurel and Hardy and were unable to finish their move anywhere near the other Satellite token. Mauler Mithel with Marksmanship was shot down by one of the X-Wings soon followed by another Tie Fighter. Game One to the Rebels.

We lined them up again for another crack at the Dark Whispers mission and decided to increase the forces up to 60pts. This time I took Biggs Darklighter with R2D2 and a Red Squadron pilot with R2F2 and Proton Torpedos. Martin took Mauler Mithel with Marksmanship again with an Obsidian Squadron pilot also with Marksmanship and finished off by adding the Tie Advanced that I had purchased at the weekend.

X-Wings try to give chase against the Tie Fighters
This time there was no clowning around, the Tie Fighters were straight in there scanning the Satellites, and then used their turn of speed to race back to their exit area without loss - The Empire Strikes Back!

There is still enough of the evening remaining to play another game. Utilising the same forces as the previous game we played the Political Escort mission. The Rebels were to escort the senator off the edge of the table. Things were going really well for the Rebels, Biggs Darklighter was using his 'shoot at me instead' skill to protect the senators shuttle while his R2 unit was repairing his shields. Two Tie Fighters had already been shot down and replaced with Academy pilots and the senators shuttle was one move away from the table edge and had three hits remaining, but did not have the protective cover from Biggs Darklighter. At initiative 7 Mauler Mithel was unable to do anything, there was a Rebel X-Wing at skill 4 tailing a Tie Fighter at skill 4, however the Imperials had the initiative! Three close range shots were fired at the shuttle - three hits! We just need an evade - Noooooooooo!
The senators shuttle explodes

The Empire Strikes Back again!

Tonight it was not a good day to be a Rebel.

I have cracked though and ordered myself a Millennium Falcon.