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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Perry Miniatures AfrikaKorps

Quinton asked if I would paint him a platoon of the new Perry Miniatures AfrikaKorps I was 'between boxes' on the vast quantity of Desert Rats that I need to get painted in time for Salute, so it only took a little arm twisting.

The colours used are as follows (All Vallejo):

Basecoats: Some uniform and caps: Russian Uniform; Helmet & gas mask holder: Green Brown; Some uniform & caps, webbing, bread bag, gaiters, etc: German Camo Beige; Boots, rifle stocks, entrenching tools: Saddle Brown; Flesh: Medium Fleshtone; Barrels, bayonet scabbard, armband etc: Black

They are then washed with Sepia wash and then highlighted as follows:
Uniform: Russian Uniform mixed with increasing quantities of Pale Sand
Helmet etc.: Green Brown mixed with increasing quantities of Pale Sand
Webbing etc.: German Camo Beige mixed with increasing quantities of Pale Sand
Boots etc.: Saddle Brown mixed with increasing quantities of Dark Sand
Flesh: Medium Fleshtone mixed with increasing quantities of Ivory
Scabbards: Black Grey
Weapons: Black mixed with Gunmetal Grey

I then paint any goggles with Sky Blue and then a dot a white.
The armbands have two this bands of White and then two thin bands of Flat Red.
The cap badges are picked out in Black and White
White piping is added to the shoulder boards.

The detail is then picked out in Windsor & Newton Peat Brown ink.

Sorry the images are so shonky, due to poor light this time of year I shot them in the garden between breaks in the rain!