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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

El Cid Painting Update - 21st August

I had five Perry Miniatures mounted Crusaders left to paint and they have joined the ever growing El Cid collection as Caballeros.

Like all the Perry Miniatures metal castings they are wonderfully sculpted miniatures but in my opinion as ever rather spoiled by some shoddy mould making and casting.

I've included a couple of the slightly later Knight Hospitaller figures and I think they fit in rather well. Some close-ups further down.

I had another weather related varnishing disaster. This time it was not 'frosting' instead the figures were outside to dry and a gust of wind picked up the board they were on and dumped them on the floor. I had to re-straighten the banner-pole and a sword then glue back on the cross carried by the Hospitaller and re-touch quite a lot of paint.

As you may imagine I was none too happy!

Some close-ups of the chaps.