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Sunday, 21 January 2018

American Civil War: Union (9)

Chum James is a top bloke, on Wednesday a package arrived from the UK containing a birthday card, and a pack each of the Perry Miniatures mounted Union generals and mounted Confederate generals. I contacted James to thank him and let him know that they had arrived and he joked that he expected to see something on the blog by the weekend.

Not being one to shirk a challenge, that evening I cleaned up the pack of Union generals, mounted the generals on map pins and stuck the horses on 40mm Renedra round bases and textured these bases. Before work on Thursday I took them to the storage unit and primed them grey and during the club painting night on Thursday did the base-coat and wash, using the Army Painter Strong Tone as it dries quicker, so that I was also able to do the highlights on the horses that evening.

Friday before work I started the highlights on the generals and after work finished the bases on the horses and finished the generals sticking them on the horses. I was out all day Saturday but managed to give them a spray of Testors dull-coat before bed.

 Of the three this one is probably my least favourite, I think a very dark blue coat and trousers on an almost entirely black horse looks rather dull

When taking the above photo I also noticed that the brass scabbard needed a a couple more highlights, something I missed during the rush job, that though has since been rectified.

The final general is quite the senior looking chappie, again though while doing the photos noticed that I got a good blob of yellow on the blue of the saddle cloth and have touched that up.

Three new Leaders now join the Union ranks, I hope to get the Confederate ones done this week.