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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 21 January 2018

American Civil War: Confederates (7)

Another batch of Confederate foot also got finished off this week, some of them have been done nearly two weeks but just needed the bases finishing off, while others are more recent additions.

I've added another ten Confederate infantrymen, these are all from the plastics set. They are mounted on a Warbases sabot although I buggered this up a little. I had been putting 'flex-o-metal' in the holes to hold the figures, but decided to try fender washers this time. they are a bit too thick and the figures more stand on the base rather than sit in it. I shall eventually get them replaced and revert to the previous method.

Some readers have asked for the colours I've been using for the Confederates jackets, so here are some ideas for you, all from the Vallejo Model Colour range:

  • Greys
    • Luftwaffe Uniform
    • Basalt Grey
    • Neutral Grey
    • Dark Blue-grey

All are done with a base-coat and wash then the base-coat re-applied and a couple of successive highlights adding Light Grey to the mix.

  • Butternut
    • A 50:50 mix of Flat Earth and German Camo Beige

Again base-coat and wash, re-apply base-coat and then add lighter colours for a couple more highlights, I used dark Sand, Pale Sand and Iraqi Sand for these to give a mix of shades.
For the trousers I either use one of the above or something from the many shades of brown I have in my collection.

A pair of new leaders also join the force, a grizzled sergeant and an officer in a 'fancy-dan' braided kepi.I used the Dark Blue-grey for the officers coat so that it appears a better quality than that of the men.

The final additions are a pair of figures from the casualties pack, a dead infantryman and another one bolting for it. These shall no doubt find some use in our games.

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