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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 1 January 2018

The Challenge 2017 - The ongoing war against the lead mountain

My annual recap in the war against the lead mountain.

2017 started well with the lead mountain reduction, January and February saw me painting up some of the 6mm Adler ACW that I had bought from the UK along with more paint splashed on the WWII Eastern Front and El Cid Andlusians that I had purchased in 2016.

However, by March I had got a dose of Muststartanewprojectitis and had ordered a bunch of 6mm Baccus War of the Spanish Succession Dutch, four 'random' Fallschirmjager got painted and were presented to Drew for his birthday.. April saw continuation of WSS painting and I also got painted some more WWII Eastern Front and some VB launcher teams for the WWI collection.

May saw many projects worked on, more WSS, although some Frenchmen this time as we were sorely lacking in those, WWII Eastern Front tanks joined the collection (these remain as yet unused) and more El Cid Andalusians and Almoravids. June was quite slack with only a couple of painting updates, a Ernest Hemmingway figure and more WSS Dutch after an order was received from the UK.

July was entirely given over to more WSS painting with work on both Dutch and French while August was vacation time, some work being done on the WSS French, but the vacation inspired some purchased for the second new project of the year and some Perry Miniatures ACW was ordered!. September saw more WSS painted, and the first few ACW Union troops done along with a George Orwell for the SCW collection. I also managed to get some WWII SAS done for chum Tony.

Tailing off the year, October, November and December have been given over entirely to the ACW project.

So, for 2017 I got the following painted for myself:

  • 25 Gripping Beast Andalusian foot. 
  • 9 Gripping Beast Almoravid foot. 
  • 8 Gripping Beast Andalusian mounted. 
  • 26 BAM Soviet infantry. 
  • Chieftain Models T-34. 
  • Rubicon Panzer III. 
  • BAM Panzer II. 
  • Rubicon T-34. 
  • 4 Crusader Miniatures Fallschirmjager. 
  • 4 Brigade Games WWI Poilu. 
  • 1 Bolt Action BMW & Sidecar. 
  • Partizan show Ernest Hemmingway. 
  • Partizan show George Orwell. 
  • 81 Perry Miniatures ACW Union infantry. 
  • 44 Perry Miniatures ACW Confederate infantry. 
  • 12 Perry Miniatures ACW dismounted Confederate cavalry. 
  • 12 Perry Miniatures ACW dismounted Union cavalry. 
  • 9 Perry Miniatures ACW Union cavalry. 
  • 9 Perry Miniatures ACW Confederate cavalry. 
  • 6 Perry Miniatures ACW Union gunners. 
  • Perry Miniatures 12lb Napoleon. 
  • 4 Wargames Foundry ACW civilians. 
  • 1 Wargames Foundry ACW officer. 
  • 3 various pack mules. 
  • 2 Warbases wagons. 
  • 2 Warbases carts. 
  • 2 Warbases draft horses. 
  • 12 Adler 6mm Union cavalry. 
  • 12 Adler 6mm Confederate cavalry. 
  • 108 Adler 6mm Confederate infantry. 
  • 76 Adler 6mm Union infantry. 
  • 697 Baccus 6mm WSS Dutch infantry. 
  • 276 Baccus 6mm WSS Dutch mounted. 
  • 4 Baccus 6mm WSS Dutch guns. 
  • 217 Baccus 6mm WSS French infantry. 
  • 123 Baccus 6mm WSS French horse. 
  • 2 Baccus 6mm WSS French guns. 
  • 72 Baccus 6mm WSS English infantry. 
  • 3 Baccus 6mm WSS English horse. 
  • 18 Baccus 6mm tents. 
  • 17 Baccus 6mm civilians. 
  • 17 Baccus 6mm sheep. 
  • 18 Baccus 6mm cattle. 
  • 2 Baccus 6mm wagons.

Quite a haul, for the 28mm that is 240 foot, 26 mounted, 4 tanks, 1 m/c combo, 1 gun, 3 pack mules, 2 wagons, 2 carts, 2 draft horses and for the 6mm: 1195 foot, 445 mounted, 6 guns, 2 wagons, 18 tents, 17 sheep and 18 cattle

I also made a bit of terrain this year, including more SCW Barricades and ACW barn, paddock, piled-rail fence sections and camp.

However in the other column the following was added to the lead (and plastic mountain):

  • 28mm: 168 foot, 24 horse, 2 wagons, 3 guns, 3 limbers, 2 cars, 1 tank. 
  • 6mm: 1361 foot, 541 horse, 16 guns, 4 limbers, 4 wagons, 6 tables, 4 fire pits, 20 tents, 45 cattle, 36 sheep

So quite close to parity, but then there are my very generous family and friends who added:

  • 28mm: 99 foot, 22 mounted, 3 carts and 2 horses.
  • 6mm: 200 foot and 45 horse.

As usual, must try harder in 2018.

I wish all my readers a very prosperous 2018 and a productive time on their own lead mountains!