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Monday, 10 September 2018

American Civil War: Confederates (13)

It's been April since I painted any Confederate reinforcements, but this week sees the first half of a box of Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Infantry completed.

I assembled the majority of these while in vacation, so some of them are already veterans of both the Bull Run and Gettysburg battlefields, well at least they were in the car when we visited.

While painting these I tried to do a majority in butternut uniforms. My recipe for this is about a 50:50 mix of Flat Earth and German Camo Beige highlighted up by adding a small amount each time of Iraqi Sand.

The additional greys are an assortment of Luftwaffe Unifom, Basalt Grey and Neutral Gery, again just a couple of highlights on these.

The officers coat is French Mirage Blue and the browns you see on the trousers and blankets are typically starting from a base coat of Flat Earth or Chocolate Brown. The few blues are Medium Blue.

Everything is done in my usual style, small batches of four figures, basecoat, wash (Army Painter Strong Tone) then two or three highlights. The flesh is picked out with Army Painter Flesh Tone then everything is brown-lined using Windsor & Newton Peat Brown ink. It's all a bit rough, but I like the effect and you can get a unit together in quite a short amount of time.

The figures are all mounted on 20mm Renedra bases and then mounted on Warbases Regimental trays, mainly for Sharp Practice, but I do have about enough stuff done now to start playing some Longstreet games.  As more gets done I plan to have a go at Over the Malvern Hills, but quite a bit of painting before then.

A few of the individuals:

Confederate officer

Confederate officer. Rear view

Assembled using arms from the Union skirmisher frame

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