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Sunday, 13 August 2017

War of the Spanish Succession French(5)

It's 13th August and therefore the Battle of  Blenheim day so I thought I ought to get my finger out and update the blog with the latest updates from the painting table. Painting progress has been slow these past few weeks due to having rather a lot of real work to do and the Wisconsin summer going into that hot and humid phase that's not conducive to wielding a paintbrush.

I have though managed to make some small progress on the French. The first addition is another three bases of Commanders, I'm finding whatever rules we are using I always seem to be light on command stands. These are a mix of figures from the generals pack and the command stand that comes in the basic cavalry pack.

Four new squadrons of horse also join the French, more chaps in grey coats with red cuffs, not really sure how I shall be able to distinguish at a glance between all my French horse when it is done.

As a break from painting grey coats, the last unit to join my Frenchmen is Greder's Regiment of Germans in French service, light blue coats with yellow cuffs, waistcoats and stockings. I'm not sure if the grenadiers in mitres are correct, but, it breaks up the colours nicely and allowed me to use up a couple of strips I had spare.

During our last game I had used clumps of lichen to represent the fields and hedgerows to break up our battlefield, it looked ok, but I thought it was time to make something a bit better looking.

The hedgerows are Woodland Scenic clumps in a mix of olive and medium green, while the walls are made from strips of cork tiles that has been roughed up a bit with the flat of a scalpel blade, I think these will look a lot better.

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