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Friday, 14 December 2012

Saga two Normans vs Anglo-Danish Games

Tonight I paid my first visit to the Wild Geese Wargames Club (formerly known as the White Hart Wargames Club) who are now meeting at Battlefront HQ. The club relocated in November, but with one thing an another I had never managed to get to the new venue until last night.

I had arranged to play Matt Moran at Saga so packed my Normans and my Anglo-Danish plus a bunch of terrain to the new venue. I met Matt at the White Hart, we both realised that we had forgotten our Saga rule books and battle-boards - what a pair of doofus! Anyway one quick phone call to James Morris - who was out on his office Christmas Meal- and Mrs Morris had furnished us with a set of rules and boards - what a pair of Stars!

We got to Battlefront HQ and I'm very impressed with the venue and the staff. We randomised the first mission and we would be playing Sacred Ground. A hill in the centre and a wood on either side, we would be playing 6pts. I used my Warlord, two units of 6 mounted Knights, one unit of 8 Sergents and one unit of 8 Sergents with Crossbows. Matt used his Anglo-Danish and fielded his Warlord, two units of 4 Huscarles and three units of 8 Ceorls.

Matt prepares to do battle
Being mounted I was soon on the hill and into the squish Saxons beyond. However, as well as his rules Matt had not bought any dice so I lent him a set of mine. The treacherous dogs deserted me, in one example six Knights charged 8 Ceorls, four Knights died and only one Ceorl. Plenty of similar misfortune ensued and at the end of eight turns, Matt had amassed 62 points and I had only 52 points. A win to the Anglo-Danish

The Normans to the left, the Anglo-Danish to the right
It was only half past eight so time for another game. We randomised again and this time we were playing Homeland. After five minutes of faffing around where we were both bidding exactly the same number to be the defender we eventually decided that Matt would defend with four points of Anglo-Danish and fielded his Warlord, one unit of 4 Huscarles and three units of 8 Ceorls. My Normans used  a Warlord, two units of 6 mounted Knights, one unit of 8 Sergents, one unit of 8 Sergents with crossbows and a unit of 12 Levies with bows.

The Sacred Ground
This one went a bit better, Matt put a unit of Ceorls in each building and then had his Warlord and Huscales as a 'fire brigade' I lined up all my missle troops against one of the building and attempted to shoot the Ceorls out and then used my Warlord and Knights as a mounted hammer. Over four turns the missle troops accounted for six of the eight Ceorls in the building so the Huscales had to reinforce there. My Knights destroyed the two units of Ceorls in the other building and the missle troops saw of the last of the Ceorls, it was time for a turn six finale to clear the last building of the Warlord and Huscales.

The Sacred Ground
The missle troops accounted for a Huscales and then the Knights charged in killing the other three, Just the Warlord left and only my Warlords activation. In he went and caused five hits on the Anglo-Danish Warlord and received none in return. The Annglo-Danish Warlord was doomed, I only needed a single unsaved wound and he would retreat from the combat and out of the building. Five dice and Matt rolled five 4+'s gutted! At the end of the game Matt had fulfilled the objective of having at least one model in a building - his sole remaining Warlord - BUGGER!

One of these days, I will discover how to make the Normans work, it better be soon, I have volunteered to play them in the club campaign.

The Sacred Ground
The Sacred Ground