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Monday, 11 February 2013

Bolt Action - British 2" Mortars

I have been painting quite a few 14th Army British for my Burma 1954 - Battle of Meiktila project.   The majority of my figures are the from the excellent 'The Assault Group' range supplemented with figures from the 'Bolt Action' range which are ok but nowhere near as nice.

The Assault Group do not do a 2" mortar, so I mail ordered a couple from Bolt Action, they only took a couple days to arrive and were soon primed and ready to paint.

I used my usual method of painting 14th Army:

Prime them with Halfords grey primer

I then rough out a base coat as follows:

  1. Vallejo Gunship Green: Shirts, trousers, some hats, some webbing, some gaiters, some packs, some water bottles
  2. Vallejo Khaki:  Rifle slings, some hats, some webbing, some gaiters, some packs, some water bottles.
  3. Vallejo Chestnut Brown: Rifle stocks, entrenching tool handles, bayonet handles, some boots.
  4. Vallejo Black: Bayonets, Rifle fittings, some boots.
  5. 50:50 Vallejo Beige Brown & Vallejo Basic Fleshtone: Exposed flesh.

Once the figure is base coated I give the figure a wash of Vallejo Sepia Wash. Once dry I apply the highlights as follows:

  • Gunship Green areas: Highlight with Gunship Green then highlight again with a mix of Gunship Green & Dark Sand
  • Khaki areas: Highlight with Khahi then highlight again with a mix of Khaki & Dark Sand
  • Chestnut Brown areas: Highlight with Chestnut Brown then highlight again with a mix of Chestnut Brown & Dark Sand
  • Black areas: Highlight with Black Grey for the boots 
  • Black areas: Highlight with a mix of Gunmetal Grey and Black for the bayonets and rifle fittings, then bayonets are then further highlighted in Gunmetal Grey
  • Exposed flesh highlighted with Basic Fleshtone then highlighted again with a mix of Basic Fleshtone and Ivory.

Once the highlights are done then the detail is picked out with Windsor and Newton Peat Brown ink.

The bases are then covered in PVA glue and dipped in a coarse sand mix that is painted Vallejo US Field Drab, highlighted with Vallejo Dark Sand and then washed with Vallejo Sepia Wash then decorated with tufts and scatter.

Here are a few shots, they have had a coat of Vallejo Matt, but are still a bit shiny. When the weather is better I'll give them a coat of Testors Dullcote.

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