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Monday, 11 February 2013

Bolt Action in 20mm

I sold off and gave away my 20mm WWII collection many years ago. However, as good mate Steve had the majority of it, I still get to play with it quite often.

A week last Sunday Steve had his first and I had my third game of Bolt Action using the 20mm figures and terrain.

Steve picked a couple of 1000 point lists, which if I recall correctly were:

German (Veterans):

  • Captain and two soldiers
  • Four sections, NCO, five Riflemen, MG and Loader
  • 75mm Infantry Gun
  • StuG IIIG

Soviets (Regular):

  • 1st Lt and two soldiers
  • Four sections: NCO, eight Riflemen, MG and Loader
  • Section: NCO, eight Riflemen, MG and Loader (Inexperienced)
  • 76mm Infantry Gun
  • KV-1e

We would be playing the Demolition scenario, Steve had the Germans while I took the Soviets. Karsten arrived later to help out with the Soviets.

The game started well for the Soviets, the Inexperienced infantry shot up badly one of the German infantry sections, including exceptional damage to take out the NCO and LMG. Things soon went downhill though, the StuG knocked out the KV-1 and the 76mm Infantry Gun was shot up. Eventually, the unopposed StuG demolished the Soviet objective.

A great introduction for Steve.

I took a few pictures at the start but then forgot to take any more.





  1. Looks like a great game! There is something I don't undertand though with Bolt Action. Do you need to base the figures individually? When you activate a unit, is it group of figures? How far away to they have to be to each other?...

    Seriously considering BA

    1. There is no compulsion to base the figures individually and an activation will activate a section, support weapon or vehicle. IIRC figures have to be within 1" of another figure in their section.