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Copyright © 2019, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Four Viking Berserkers for the Teenage Cancer Trust

I am auctioning off this group of four Wargames Foundry Viking Berserkers that were donated by Lee and that I have painted and based with all the proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Bidding starts at £24.00 including UK Recorded Postage* and all the cash raised will go straight to the Charity.

I'll end the bidding next Tuesday evening: 19:00 GMT on Monday 4th March.

Payment to be made by PayPal, I'll contact the winning bidder to arrange payment.

Place your bids in the comments box below.

*Rest of World add £7.00 for Royal Mail International Signed For.

Here are a set of pictures, including some 'extreme close ups'