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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Holiday Painting Update - Day Five

Only a brief update today.

Again I was up bright and early - that wind is not half blowing a gale in the night. So, I made a start on those Foundry Viking Berserkers. As you can see from the images, there was a lot of naked flesh to be painted, and by breakfast time I was quite jaded with painting arse, never mind the 'winkies'.

After breakfast I finished off the other highlights and I'm quite liking the results.

After the bases have been done and a coat of varnish added, four of these Vikings are for Lee to finish off his six point Saga warband and when he has picked the ones he wants then other four will be sold and I'll donate the proceeds to the Teenage Cancer Trust as I now have four Berserkers of my own from Shieldwall.

Eight Foundry Viking Berserkers

Eight Foundry Viking Berserkers