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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Holiday Painting Update - Day One

This time of year it's both half-term week and also our impending anniversary (23 years this time!). Victoria and I like to go away for a bit of a break, this year, just like last we are staying at the Swallows just outside St Merryn which is near Padstow.

It's a lovely little barn conversion, very cosy and brilliant for relaxing. We usually have a couple of days walking the Cornish Coastal Path, a few days visiting things like Padstow and the Eden Project. That leave a few days for painting and loafing and today was just such a day.

In preparation for the break I had gotten a few figures ready, most were just cleaned up and primed, but eight Assault Group Japanese had already been base-coated. Yesterday evening after we had arrived I gave those eight Japanese a wash with Vallejo Sepia Wash and after I got up this morning and before breakfast managed to get the highlights done.

Eight Assault Group Japanese - just need basing and a matt varnish 

Eight Assault Group Japanese - just need basing and a matt varnish 
After breakfast I did the base-coat on the final four Assault Group Japanese, then followed up with a wash of Vallejo Sepia Wash.

Four Assault Group Japanese - ready for highlights
Four Assault Group Japanese - ready for highlights
 I had also bought some Bolt Action Burmese Scouts, they were just cleaned up and primed white. Yesterday evening these were given a wash of watered down Vallejo Beige Brown prior to painting.

Bolt Action Burmese Scouts
At the same time as the Burmese Scouts were given the Beige Brown wash I also did four Shieldwall Miniatures Viking Berserkers, 12 Shieldwall Viking Archers, four Artizan Viking Hirdmen and eight Foundry Viking Berserkers.

This morning these figures also had their armour and helmets, etc. picked out in a mix of Black and Gunmetal Grey.

Shieldwall Vikings

Artizan and Foundry Vikings
After a Cornish Cream Tea lunch - why not, 'when in Rome and all that - I finished off the four Assault Group Japanese with some highlights, so I now have twelve of them ready for basing and a matt varnish.

Twelve Assault Group Japanese

Twelve Assault Group Japanese
Truth be known I am now rather over-endowered in the Type 99 LMG department, having eight of them and only four sections of riflemen, there is only one thing for it - I need to buy more riflemen!

The Bolt Action Burmese Scouts got both a base-coat and a wash of Vallejo Sepia Wash, I hop eto get this pair highlighted before breakfast tomorrow.

Two Bolt Action Burmese Scouts
 I also managed to get the base-coat and Sepia wash done on eight of the Shieldwall Miniatures Viking archers, I'll see if I can make some more progress on these tomorrow too.

Eight Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings
 Finally, I made a start on the base-coat of eight Viking Hirdmen that I am painting up for Lee, these don't look up to much at the moment, although they should look a lot better soon.

Four Artizan Vikings