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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wargames Foundry Naked Viking Bersekers

As part of the deal involving an unwanted Almohavid army, I offered to paint Lee a Viking warband for Saga. The Warlord and four points that I already did are blogged here.

I already had some Artizan Hirdmen to paint and Lee fancied some Berserkers. He ordered a blister of Berserkers on eBay with the premise that he had four of them and I had the other four.

I painted the eight berserkers last week while on holiday and today finished off the bases and gave them a coat of matt varnish.

Lee is going to pick the four that he wants and I'm going to sell off the other four with the proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of Emily Clayton, the daughter of a family friend.

If you want to make an offer now on the four of them please let me know through my profile. I'll start the bidding off at £25.00 UK postage included.

Eight Viking Berserkers with about enough clothing for one!
Viking Berserkers arse

An odd one, he has some clothes on
Viking Berserker cock this time

Another Viking Berserker backside.