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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Perry Miniatures / Blitzkreig Miniatures Universal Carrier

Over the weekend I finished off the Universal Carrier that I purchased at Salute along with a box of the Desert Rats.

A really nice model produced by Perry Miniatures in conjunction with BlitzKreig Miniatures, cast in one piece resin with additional resin stowage and with the crew and guns are cast in white metal.

This was really easy to paint. The crews were done in the usual method, the vehicle was painted as follows:

  • Base-coat of 1/3 Vallejo US Tan Earth, 2/3 Vallejo Dark Sand
  • Guns picked out in Vallejo Black
  • Shovel handles in Vallejo Vallejo Saddle Brown
  • Tracks painted in 1/3 Vallejo Black, 1/3 Vallejo Saddle Brown, 1/3 Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
  • Stowage painted in a mixture of colours
  • I then washed with Vallejo Sepia Wash
  • The vehicle was highlighted first with the original base-coat and then with successive Dark Sand added.
  • The other bits were highlighted accordingly (usually by adding Vallejo Pale Sand to the base-coat colour)
  • I then painted in the headlamps, tactical markings and 5th Indian Division (Ball of Fire) insignia.

It painted up really easily and very quickly and I'm pretty happy with the results.