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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A pair of Partizan special figures

I've had these Partizan give away figures knocking around for quite some time and it was time to splash a bit of paint on them as they may be able to be used in some of my Spanish Civil War games.

First up is King Edward VII from Partizan MMXI, he is done in German Uniform trousers and an Intermediate Blue shirt. I my minds eye after causing a constitutional crisis at home the Caudillo invites Edward to Spain. Decked out in in Falangista Blue shirt and armband our Bertie decides to join in the fun with his broom-handled Mauser. Note sure where the crown comes into it though.

The next figure is the Armed Kelham Monk from The Other Partizan MMXII This bear of a man is armed with a Lee Enfield rifle and could be utilised in a Basque militia some time. This one is mainly Chocolate Brown with a Russian Uniform helmet - which looks like it may be a French Adrian with a cover on it,

All colours from the Vallejo Model Colour range.

Here are a few more images from different angles.


  1. Love 'em both but the Kelham Hall monk pips the other to the post IMHO.