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Friday, 18 April 2014

al-Makawi relates his tale

Al-Makawi relates his tale

"Mis-begotten spawn of pigs and owls," al-Makawi cursed as he struggled to fix his boot. He recalled the circumstances of his situation, the first bullet had shattered his rifle stock knocking him to the ground. While he struggled on the floor winded by the first hit, a spent bullet had taken the heel off of his boot.

Al-Makawi had regained his feet and urged his riflemen to take up positions when the third bullet grazed his forearm, the anarchist scum seemed to have singled him out for special treatment today.

The brisk engagement was now over, neither side had forced an advantage but neither was willing to give ground. Despite the pain in his arm al-Makawi recalled with some satisfaction the screams of the Asaltos in the church after the crump of the well aimed grenades going off.

Smoking one of his captured French cigarettes Teniente Arrojo strolled over. The young man had a stern cast and the men were alreay starting to call him 'El Scrivs' after the hero of the Reconquista."Sergento Primero, I have arranged a burial party for our dead, please organise a detail to help the wounded to the rear," said Arrojo, "and while you are there get that arm seen to."

Cursing inwadly al-Makawi shouldered his the carbine he had taken from one of the dead and started to arrange the detail of wounded to the rear. If the Tienente decided to attack soon he woukd miss the next engagement against the anarchist scum and their Asalto pig allies.

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