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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Barricades for my Milicianos

I needed a few barricades for my Chain of Command games bus was not really sure what to get. Club-mate Quint suggested that he had seen some of 'The Baggage Train' ones at a recent show and they were very nice.

I popped over to their website and ordered half a dozen, not really sure what I would be getting, but guessing that they would be about 4" long each and be enough for my needs.

Well, as his website says don't expect a quick turn-around, but when the box arrived I was delighted. It seems that each 'unit' is actually three pieces about 4" long, I now have about 6ft of barricades. I'll be able to hold Franco of forever from behind these.

Of the eighteen pieces I got there are about eight or so different designs and I don't think I have more than three of any one type.

I cleaned them up, which was really quite easy and then gave them a spray of Leather Brown. Over the last couple of lunch breaks, I base-coated, washed and then highlighted the first four.

I think they have come out rather well.


  1. Those look rather splendid do you have a link of them in their shop as I can't find them looking at the pictures?


    1. Try this:

    2. Thanks and one of these packs gives you three pieces or am I mistaken?

    3. I can only say that is what I received. I did wonder if it was a packing error.

  2. I am really enjoying watching this project develop.