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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Battle of Keren macro shots

On Saturday Alan asked if he could take some macro shots of our game and was kind enough to email us some of his 'Extreme Close up' images to use on the blog.

As Alan explains, the depth of field is very tight and some grainy ISO is visible. But please enjoy these extreme close ups.

Brtish infantry by Mog

Relocating the speakers - Brtish infantry by Mog

British Forward Observer by myself

Indian Infantry by myself

Indian infantry by myself

Broadcasting House by Mog 

Italian infantry by James

Another shot of that fellow

And again

Italian officer with Askaris by James

Italian officer with Askaris by James

Italian infantry man by James in front of barrage marker by Tom


  1. Stunning! Love Mog's bits.

    Alan took some photos of our game, too, and I definitely want to get him back, next year.

  2. Great close-ups! Your Keren game has been the centerpiece of many Salute after-action blog reports. Well done!

  3. Congrats on your excellent demo game. Highlight of the day for me! This sort of demos makes travelling to Salute worthwile. Thanks..

  4. Thanks chaps, happy that you like what we did. We will be taking uit around a few more shows this year.