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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bilbao Armoured Car

I've started painting my Salute Loot already - ignoring the vast pile of shame in the lead mountain - and some of it is now ready for blogging.

First up is the Bilbao Armoured car that I picked up from Empress on Saturday.

A lovely model and very easy to clean up and assemble. The only mod I made was to magnetise the turret.

It is a pretty simple paint job, the whole vehicle was painted in a base-coat of Beige Brown and then patches of Olive Grey were daubed on. The interface between the two colours was painted in German Camouflage Beige. Machine-gun, wheels, etc. were painted Black and then the entire thing washed with Sepia Wash.

Once dry the colours were re-applied and then a few highlights added and finally the whole thing was set upon with a Tamiya Modelling Master kit, with Rust, Mud and Sand being applied liberally.

I've not done any particular faction or unit markings as I want it to be usable for each side.

Here are a few shots from multiple angles: