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Thursday, 17 April 2014

¡En el filo! - Attack and Defend

Anarchist Jump-off in red, Regulares in blue
Tonight was the second game in our  ¡En el filo! campaign using the At the Sharp End supplement from Too Fat Lardies.

After being outmanoeuvred in the previous scenario Durruti and his bunch of anarchists were determined to make a stand in the village of Gran Salchichas.

Teniente Arrojo was determined that now the Colonels eye was on him he would press his advantage.

Both of us were down by three figures as casualties from the previous game, myself three Regulares, James three Asaltos.

Sergento Hassan sets up a firebase in a building
We set out the terrain and as per the campaign booklet James moved it around a little, the then chose a small section of entrenchments to cover the road and to start with a bonus Chain of Command dice. Rolling up the Force Morale, the Anarchists were on a 10 and the Regulares on a 9.

We then proceeded with the patrol phase, I only had a single preliminary move and the Anarchists were soon rushing to grab the advantage of ground. James had one Jump off in the church and a couple in buildings. I had one behind a building and put the other two on my table edge.

Following the losses from the previous game, I reduced one of my Pelotones to two sections, a six man LMG team and a seven man rifle team. James did likewise with the Asaltos and had two seven-man sections.

Sergento Masfiwi prepares to force the church
Rolling for my Force Supports my 2d6 came up a 4 so I again chose FahnenJunker Schmidt in his Panzer IA and a VB launcher for my HQ runners, due to James being at -1 to his Force Supports he chose Molotov Cocktails as he would have nothing to stop a tank.

James started the game by deploying his Assault Guards and Durutti in the church and the Regulares were soon streaming on to the table. In a brisk fire-fight one Moor and two Asaltos were down. As the Panzer rolled on the Asaltos were starting to look rather vulnerable as no Anarchists had deployed yet but this was soon to change as Durutti encouraged his comrades to the fray.

Anarchists mass in the shelter of the church
Sergento Hassan had ensconced his machine-gun team in the building, but not before the Asaltos had hit them with some rather ineffective tear gas! and was providing covering fire while his rifle team were launching deadly grenades into the church and the Assault Guards were suffering badly and withdrew into the building, not before Durutti himself had been wounded by a Moroccan bullet.

Likewise, Sergento Masfiwi set up a base of fire while Sergento Primero al-Makudi took two rifle teams and attempted to set up a flanking position on any Anarchists trying to reinforce the Asaltos. Meanwhile Schmidt bought his Panzer IA into a flanking position and was soon pouring fire into the Anarchists in the square behind the church, but Durutti maintained an initiative and was able to launch a Molotov attack on the Panzer forcing the crew to abandon it and flee for the safety of their lines.
FahnenJunker Schmidt advances, a little too far as it happens.

The Anarchists redeployed their machine gun and were soon engaged in a sharp fire-fight with al-Makudis flanking force. Al-Makudi was lightly wounded and went down, but was soon back on his feet only to be hit again, there were many holes in his jacket but although rather rattled no serious damage was done.

More grenades fell among the Asaltos in the church and great carnage was caused, eventually they made for the safety of the bell tower. Al-Makudis took another bullet hole but again nothing serious, he was not having a good day.

The Moroccans were getting the better of the fire-fight but the concentration of Anarchists behind the church meant it would be suicide to push on around the building without the support of the Panzer.

Durutti himself launched a charge against a team of Regulares skirting the church but they expended a Chain of Command dice and skedaddled at the sight of such odds.

The three ineffective bullet holes in al-Makudis meant I was now down to Force Morale 6 while the slightly worse bullet hole in Durutti meant the Anarchists were on a 9. As it was now gone 10PM and neither of us were getting anywhere it would be a dishonourable draw. I was on Force Morale 6 while James was on Force Morale 9.

The Panzer I cops it!
You would not have though that Durutti would be so attached to his policemen and that the Anarchists so attached to their church!

James had lost 13 figures, I had lost 9 but due to the difference in Force Morale three of James casualties immediately returned. Checking my 9 casualties, four were dead outright, three would miss the next game and two would return for the next game along with the two who missed this game. Sergento Primero al-Makudi would also miss the next game.
Of James 10 casualties, 3 Asaltos and 2 Milicianos were dead, 2 Asaltos and 1 Miliciano would miss the next game and one of each would be available next game as would the two returning Asoltos.

Pious Anarchists
Rolling for the opinion of the Commanding officer, neither had any changes so Durruti remains at -3 and Teniente Arrojo at +2
However when rolling for the men's opinion, despite the four casualties Teniente Arrojo men's opinion of him went up to +2, but Durruti suffered quite badly, taking more casualties and there being five of them meant his men's opinion dropped to just +1.

We will both be facing quite a challenge in the next round!

So for the campaign:
5 Regulares are dead and 3 will miss the next game
4 Asaltos are dead and and 1 will miss the next game
2 Milicianos are dead and 1 will miss the next game
Durutti is at -1 for Force Support

Next instalment in a fortnight!


  1. ...sounds like a brisk fight! The Moroccans were lucky, having their force morale down and yet their leader still not suffering any ill campaign effects.

    What scenario did you play?

    Are the Asaltos running with 5 command dice or 6?

    ..those buildings are lovely as well.

    Happy W

    1. The Asaltos are part of the Militia force so are restricted to the four dice that Durutti rolls.

  2. Whoops - As I had some finishing off and tidying up to do on the report I meant to hit Save before I went to bed last night and instead obviously hit Publish.
    I've now updated the report.

  3. Nice AAR Scrivs.

    Sounds like the Regulares were lucky not to just run for having their leader wounded three times...that would be three force morale checks!!

    ..on top of that I taken it that a crew abandonment of the Panzer 1 would also cout a s a loss of support.

    That's a lot of force morale checks!!...god does indeed favour the nationalist cause!!

    Have you guys been doing a map with this campaign or is it a 'mapless' ladder campaign. A point to point map would be cool.

    ...looking forward to the next one!! Oh, what scenario was this that you played?

    1. We were playing Attack & Defend and the campaign is mapless and run on a narrative.
      Richard said (somewhere) that abandoned tanks don't cause a force morale test, cannot remember where but pretty sure after the Western Desert game I had with Quint.

  4. Fab piccies Paul. Your SCW games are really looking even better than previous posts with the extra scenery etc.


    1. Cheers Darrell
      I'm having another game today - with Ed - hopefully another report up later.