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Thursday, 3 April 2014

¡En el filo!

¡En el filo!

Well at least that is what Google Translate makes of changing "At the Sharp End" into Spanish. But reverse translating it comes out as "On the edge" which also works for me.

Having had several practice games of Chain of Command James and I are this evening embarking on our first campaign using the At the Sharp End supplement.

Let me set the scene...

It is October 1936 and the Nationalist Army under General Mola are advancing on Madrid and making good headway against the rag-tag of Republican defenders thrown against them. Teniente Jorge Arrojo leads his Sección of Regulares and is tasked with capturing the vital bridge over a tributary of the River Manzanares. A column of Anarchists led by Durrutti* himself are rushed to the front in an attempt to stem the Nationalist advance.

More info on the Battle for Madrid here

I will be playing the Nationalists and James the Republicans.

Having rolled up the characters, Teniente Jorge Arrojo, just 23 years old and following time the Juventudes del Acción Popular entered the military and has seen some service with the Army of Africa in Morocco. He is assisted in his role by Sergento Primero al-Makudi a 38 year old veteran of the Rif Wars. The two Pelotones are each led by Sergento Hassan and Sergento Masfiwi.

Buenaventura Durruti is a 40 year old Anarchist, having been the veretan of many conflicts over the years. However, Communist influence in the military means that his CO's opinion is reduced (-2) which will start to have an effect if missions are lost, however his reputation as a fighter among the Anarchists means that the opinion of his Milicianos is enhanced (+2).

As the Force Rating difference is 14 points, I will start my campaign with a standard Sección of Regulares, James has a Column of Peoples Militia and has made up his rating with the following troops to start the campaign: Hardened Militia (4), Asalto with Junior Leader (4), El Hombre (1), Adjutant (1), Flag (2), 10 Milicianos (2), LMG (1)

This evening we fight our first mission, the Regulares will be attacking in the Probe scenario, clearing the outposts of degenerate Republican scum.

* The Republicans have not fared well in earlier games, so we are allowing them a Ranking Senior Leader instead of the usual Jefe de Centuria if James gets him killed there will be consequences :)


  1. A good start there and looking forwards to following this. :-)

    No doubt some Spanish speaker will put us right, but "At the sharp end" won't translate literally as it's an idiom and won't mean the same... afaik, the Spanish would say something like "En la primera línea" - "In the first line", or "In the frontline".

  2. Top stuff guys.

    ...also looking forward to how this will unfold. Hoping to see many a hard fought action with that most famous of Anarchists, Durutti himself.

    Excellent work guys.

    Happy Wanderer