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Monday, 21 April 2014

Last of the Milicianos painted

Taking advantage of the long weekend I've managed to get quite a bit more of my Salute Loot painted.

This polishes off the last of my Militia figures and adds another team to my nascent Guardia Civil section.

Firstly, I have added a 75mm artillery piece from Empress. The gun comes with four crew, but in the Chain of Command Spanish Civil War supplement you should have five crew, so at the moment a box of ammunition is filling in for the additional crew member. The gun is a simple Basalt Grey paint-job highlighted by adding Pale Grey layers.

I have also finished the pack of Empress Dinamiteros, I now have four of these done.

I have done another one of the Standard Bearers, this time with a P.O.U.M. flag just in case I fancy something different to my usual U.G.T. force

The last five of my Milicianos are painted, I have 66 painted now so more than enough for most games.

Finally, I have added a Guardia Civilia sergeanto with SMG and five Guardia Civilia riflemen, this completes a second team for the section I am building as a support option for both this Republican Militia and Nationalist Falange platoons that I am going to be working on soon.

The Guardia are really east you paint and only use a handful of colours:

  • Trousers and jackets - German Uniform highlighted by adding Pale Sand
  • Belts and straps - Tan Earth highlighted by adding Pale Sand
  • Ammo pouches, shoes, hats - Black highlighted with Black Gret
  • Flesh - Medium Fleshtone highlighted by adding Ivory
  • Rifles - Beige Brown highlighted by adding Pale Sand, with a Brass stock and Gunmetal Grey fittings.

Here are a few more shots, all the figures are from Empress and I used Vallejo paints. The technique is base-coat, sepia wash, reapply base-coat and do highlights.