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Monday, 21 April 2014

Last of the Milicianos painted

Taking advantage of the long weekend I've managed to get quite a bit more of my Salute Loot painted.

This polishes off the last of my Militia figures and adds another team to my nascent Guardia Civil section.

Firstly, I have added a 75mm artillery piece from Empress. The gun comes with four crew, but in the Chain of Command Spanish Civil War supplement you should have five crew, so at the moment a box of ammunition is filling in for the additional crew member. The gun is a simple Basalt Grey paint-job highlighted by adding Pale Grey layers.

I have also finished the pack of Empress Dinamiteros, I now have four of these done.

I have done another one of the Standard Bearers, this time with a P.O.U.M. flag just in case I fancy something different to my usual U.G.T. force

The last five of my Milicianos are painted, I have 66 painted now so more than enough for most games.

Finally, I have added a Guardia Civilia sergeanto with SMG and five Guardia Civilia riflemen, this completes a second team for the section I am building as a support option for both this Republican Militia and Nationalist Falange platoons that I am going to be working on soon.

The Guardia are really east you paint and only use a handful of colours:

  • Trousers and jackets - German Uniform highlighted by adding Pale Sand
  • Belts and straps - Tan Earth highlighted by adding Pale Sand
  • Ammo pouches, shoes, hats - Black highlighted with Black Gret
  • Flesh - Medium Fleshtone highlighted by adding Ivory
  • Rifles - Beige Brown highlighted by adding Pale Sand, with a Brass stock and Gunmetal Grey fittings.

Here are a few more shots, all the figures are from Empress and I used Vallejo paints. The technique is base-coat, sepia wash, reapply base-coat and do highlights.


  1. Excellent looking figures once again! I'm pretty envious of the speed you're producing such figures.

    1. Thank you. I find not watching T.V. or playing computer games really helps with the productivity.

  2. Excellent work Scrivs.

    Now you've got enough militia troops to try that ‘ANTES DE LA SIESTA’ tactic!


    Happy W

    1. Than you, I promise to try teh Antes De La Siesta team one day in the near future

  3. Beautiful stuff. I especially like the 75.

    How did you do the basing? Is it a purchased base stand for the artillery, or did you make your own movement tray?

    1. Thank you.

      The base is just an irregularly cut rectangle of mounting board. I plan to do a blog article soon about how I do the bases.