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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mangled at Maurice!

The initial deployments
I had arranged a game of Maurice with Steve on Sunday, not knowing how terrible I would be feeling after getting back from Salute on the previous evening,

Steve has some lovely new figures added to his collection and I spent my 100pt on the following:
9 Regular infantry, 3 Regular cavalry, 4 Artillery, 2 Elite upgrades (both inf), Oblique and Artillery Academy.
Steve chose the following force:
8 Regular infantry, 2 Conscript infantry, 4 Regular cavalry, 3 Artillery, 2 Elite upgrades ( 1 inf, 1 cav), Cavaliers.

Something wrong with my guns!
We drew out the 'Urban' battlefield card and with his extra units Steve had the scouting advantage and won the roll off and chose to attack. Steve started with a Army Morale of 18 to mine of 16.

We had a large 8ft x 6ft table but by the time we had placed the terrain, it was pretty much decided that we would be fighting in the 4ft wide corridor to my right.

The infantry come to blows
I deployed my guns to the fore and my cavalry echeloned back to the right and my infantry supporting the lot. Steve started his advance with his infantry and I was soon bombarding his troops, in the first couple of turns the devastation was terrible, but there was obviously a change in the weather or smoke blocking the view because as the enemy got closer the damage got lesser and indeed after a couple of rallies his troops closed on the guns who belched some ineffective cannister into the infantry and promptly expired to the return volleys! I had lost 6 of my Army Morale already!

Time to commit the infantry then.

Soon both lines were blasting away at each other, but the volleys were hardly telling on each of us - there something wrong with our damned powder today. Eventually we went at each other with the bayonets and Steve had the upper hand, before we had even been through the card deck once my Army Morale was reduced to zero and I was done for!

I had made one move with my cavalry, Steve had not moved his at all!

The figures are all Steves, 40mm semi-flats cast from Prince August (and other moulds) and painted by Steve. Here are some more pics from the game!


  1. I really like these "toy soldiers" - they are perfect for SYW games. Not only nostalgic but add to the flavor of the period. Lovely!

  2. Really nifty looking game! With semi-flats, block painting, and unflocked bases, this is an Old School throwback, for sure. Fantastic