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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Martins first Chain of Command game

It seems to be the week for introducing new players to Chain of Command. After playing Eds on Saturday, yesterday evening at Mansfield Wargames Club I gave Mog (Martin) his first game of Chain of Command.

As usual, I gave the new player the Moroccan Regulares as they seem to be more forgiving and I took the role of the Republican Militia.

Boosted with: El Hombre (1), Adjutant (1), LMG (1), Flag (2), 10 Milicianos (2), Dinamiteros (2), Highly Motivated Milicianos (3), Army Officer (1), Molotov Cocktails (1)

I threw Force Morale 11 while Martin had a Force Morale of 9, a good start for the usually troubled Militia.

We then played out the Patrol Phase which ended as shown in the aerial photograph, Republican jump-off points shown in red, Nationalist in blue.

Martin rolled an 8 for Force Support and purchased, Fusileros-Granaderos team (2), Panzer I (3), Adjutant (1), Preparatory Bombardment (2). With my 4 points I purchased Bilbao Armoured Car (2), two lots of Entrenchments (1ea.).

Panzers to the fore
I deployed my entrenchments between the jump-off point in the wood and the building and spread the additional Milicianos through my existing teams. We then set about our evenings gaming.

Martin soon deployed a Pelotone of Regulares in the walled house, leaving the Sergento to direct the LMG while the Sergento Primero set off with the two rifle teams at speed towards my right flank. The Nationalist preparatory bombardment was very effective, combined with a couple of retained initiatives Martin had a Escuadras of  Regulares within 4" of the jump-off point on my right flank while I had only managed to get my Bilbao armoured car on the table.

Regulares take cover
Denied that jump-off point I deployed a large squad of Milicianos in the wood and was soon exchanging fire with the Regulares threatening my right flank. I was however unable to regain the over-ran jump-off point before Martin rolled three sixes and ended the turn. To make matters worse the section in the wood was soon pinned and suffering badly. I did destroy the Regulares team that had grabbed my jump-off but Martin made a good roll on the Force Morale and was unaffected.

The Panzer I steamed down my left flank and was soon contesting the jump-off point on that flank, while another Pelotone of Regulares were advancing up the middle. I deployed a large squad of Milicianos behind the barricades but concentrated machine-gun fire soon had them breaking to the rear. By now I was down to Force Morale 7 and had not touched that of the Regulares.

Jump-off is over run
I had two sections and the Dinamiteros left to deploy and things were not looking good. I had to leave the jump-off on my left to be over-ran by the Panzer while deploying another squad of Milicianos in the woods and another behind the barricades. I moved the Bilbao into the centre and its concerted fire was enough to break one of the teams of Regulares as well as killing the Sergento and wounding the Teniente. Well directed machine-gun fire and a bayonet charge scattered the Milicianos holding the barricades to the winds. Some comfort was gained by impressive dynamite throwing but all was practically lost now. I was on Force Morale 2 and then the Jefe bit the dust.

Martin had reduced me to Force Morale 0 while remaining at a creditable Force Morale 5 of his own. He had lost two teams and a killed Sergento while his Teniente had been wounded. I was left with two Milicianos and the Bilbao, first thing on the table and the last remaining Republican!

Bilbao in action
My mission to spread the word of Chain of Command Spanish Civil War continues. Mate Gedders (Rich) had popped into the club to say hello and stayed watching the game for at least two hours, I am giving him a game next Tuesday.

All the figures are from my own collection and painted by myself. The terrain is all mine, a series of scratch built buildings and roads plus other bits commercially available.

That Bilbao again

Man (and woman) the barricades

Pinned Regulares

Another jump-off is about to fall

Last stand of the Republicans


  1. Beautiful pics as usual, the terrain is really awesome Paul! Glad to see "Bilbao" in action!

    1. Thanks, I used it on Saturday but cunningly did not get any photos of it in action.

  2. Another fine looking game, Paul. I like the scene of the troops taking cover behind the field expedient barricades.

    1. Thanks Dean, I think that SCW does lend itself to all the heroic propaganda shots.

  3. Great pics and AAR Scrivs....the yet to be beaten Regulares have quite the track record!

    It does seem the games are close and just a few force morale die roll swings can make the game tip the other way.

    ..keep plugging away with the at least allow you 'converts' to win and come back for more...


    Happy W

    1. Thanks Rolf, those lucky Regulares really are a hardy force to use. I think the ability to do a 2d6 tactical really does allow them to outmanoeuvre the Republicans and put the pressure on.

      The Milicianos managed a draw last Thursday, they must be due a win one of these days.

  4. Brilliant, thank you.

    Monty's Wargaming World

  5. "I think the ability to do a 2d6 tactical really does allow them to outmanoeuvre the Republicans and put the pressure on"

    That's great to hear! That Is exactly the effect we were hoping for!

    As you know the Regulares were noted for the uncanny ability to move and use cover....nice to see how CoC has captured this trait of theirs and produced the correct historical outcome.

    Top stuff.

    Happy W

  6. Paul is chain of command as good for 1939-45-i especially game the eastern front. Peter

    1. Chain of Command is very much suited to WWII games. I have not played any Easter front, but my initial games were using my 1945 British and Japanese.
      For example: