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Sunday, 27 April 2014

More Guardia Civil and some barricades

Man the barricades!
I've been working away this week so have not got as much painting done as I had hoped.

But I have managed to complete another ten Guardia Civil, six of which featured in my basing article and another four pieces of barricades to go with the four I already have.

The Empress Miniatures Guardia Civil are a joy to paint and only need a hand full of colours and they are done.

Another four sections of the hasty barricades from The Baggage Train like the last lot, these are really easy to clean up and paint.

Here is a shot of those Guardia manning the barricades.

 Finally some close-ups of the Guardia. I particularly like the officer in opera cape smoking a cigarillo. I did one of these a few months ago and James had him now, but I enjoyed painting a second one.


  1. Some beautiful work on those fig's Paul! The barricades look awesome. I need some of those!

  2. Beautiful, very nice work!

  3. Great looking troops, Paul. I particularly like their unique headgear (tricornes?)

  4. Terrific models! You are tempting me into pulling Hemingway or Beevor off the shelf for a re-read.

  5. Thanks chaps.

    I have just finished Beevor and about to make a start on Hemmingway.