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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More U.G.T. Milicianos and some transport

In exchange for a box of Necromunda terrain that is never going to get used James gave me some more of the lovely Empress Spanish Civil War Militia, So, taking a break from our Salute preparations I splashed a bit of paint on them over the weekend, finished off the bases yesterday and gave them a blast of Testors before I left for the office this morning.

I also picked up a Force of Arms Bedford Van from eBay that received a splash of paint, this is mainly painted in Vallejo Bassalt Grey and the windscreens done in my usual manner. The rust and muck was added with Tamiya Model Master kits.

This battered van will make a useful ride for my U.G.T. Militiamen.

Here are a load more pictures including some close-ups of a few of them.


  1. Very nice work! These Milicianos definitely look the part.

  2. Militia + barricades = good idea!

    Nice work Scrivs...hope these help hold the line against the Regulares :-)

    Happy W

  3. Great stuff Paul!

    Have you ever considered having a SCW campaign day?


  4. Cheers chaps.

    As I am currently playing the Regulares in our campaign, the less holding of the line that the Milicianos do the better!

    Indeed Darrell we have, I need to sort something out, but watch this space.