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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tackling those Prussians again

A tardy blog update from me.

On Tuesday evening I had another rematch against Pauls' Prussians. I changed the list slightly, this time dropping the unit of Dragoons and spending the points on a few upgrades.

Durette - Divisional Commander SR8 - 25pts

de Bruno - Cavalry Brigade Commander SR8 - 25pts

  • Veteran Hussar Regiment - 47pts
  • Veteran Hussar Regiment - 47pts
  • Veteran Horse Artillery Battery - 34pts

Pegot - Infantry Brigade Commander SR8 - 25pts

  • Veteran Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 45pts
  • Veteran Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 45pts
  • Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 39pts
  • Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 39pts
  • Foot Artillery Battery -27pts

Brue - Infantry Brigade Commander SR7 - 0pts

  • Veteran Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 45pts
  • Veteran Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 45pts
  • Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 39pts
  • Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 39pts
  • Foot Artillery Battery - 27pts

Schmidt - Infantry Brigade Commander SR8 - 25pts

  • Veteran Light Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 48pts
  • Veteran Light Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 48pts
  • Veteran Line Infantry Battalion (Tough Fighters) - 45pts

Dubois - Cavalry Brigade Commander SR8 - 25pts

  • Cuirassier Regiment - 58pts
  • Cuirassier Regiment - 58pts

Prussians blinded by the sun
Pauls' Prussians were:

Von Steinmetz SR8 Commander 25
  • 12th Infantry Regiment
  • 2 x Large Musketeer Battalions 88
  • 24th Infantry Regiment
  • 2 x  standard Musketeer, 1 x standard Fusilier Battalions 111
  • 1 Foot Artillery Battery 27
Von Perch II SR8 Commander 25
  • 6th Infantry Regiment
  • 2 x standard Musketeer & 1 standard Fusilier Battalions 111
  • 2nd Westfalishes- Landwehr Regiment
  • 1 x Large Landwehr, 1 x standard Landwehr Battalions 74
  • 1 Foot Artillery Battery 27
Von Jagow SR8 Commander 25
  • 9th Infantry Regiment
  • 2 x Standard Musketeer Battalions 72
  • 3rd Westfalishes- Landwehr Regiment
  • 2  x Standard Landwehr Battalions 66
Von Treskow SR8 Commander 25
  • 2nd Dragoon Regiment  44
  • 5th Dragoon Regiment  44
  • ½ Horse Artillery Battery 13
Lutzow SR8 Commander 25
  • 6th Uhlan Regiment (Veteran) 54
  • 1st Kurmarkishes Landwehr Cavalry Regiment 32
  • ½  Horse Artillery Battery 13
When rolling for the properties of the commanders my rolls were very poor:

  • Pegot was Low Independence
  • Brue was High Aggression Low Independence
  • Schmidt was Low Aggression, Low Decisiveness 

Paul also rolled a whole bunch of ones too, but with the Prussian abilities to ignore ones for Decisiveness and Independence he was unaffected:

  • Von Perch II was Highly Decisive
  • Von Jagow was Highly Decisive

Seems that the rules do rather favour the Prussians.

We took it in turns to nominate where our brigades would arrive and after a roll off I took the first turn. Schmidt advanced towards a hedge-line on the left of centre while Brues troops sauntered nonchalantly on to the table. The Prussians started to deploy opposite.
The Landwehr come on

Brue's troops then failed to move for a couple of turns and then blundered, so the Hussars under de Bruno had to leap into action to screen the advancing Prussians, forcing the lead columns into square. Things though were going better on my left. Schmidts troops were winning the fire-fight with the Prussians to the fore while Pegots troops moved around the flank supported by Dubois and his Cuirassiers.

Schmidt gets some sun
Paul was able to steady his troops on my left though and soon the battle lines were drawn there. Unfortunately things were not going so well on my right. The Hussars under de Bruno were charged by the Prussian Dragoons and in a pathetic attempts at putting up a fight, both units were broken for a single hit on the Dragoons.

However it was time for the hammer to fall on my left. Pegot and Schmidts troops stormed into contact and rolled a derisive set of dice, hitting on threes with a re-roll for tough fighters they managed a single hit on their opponents that was duly saved and then rolled a three for the break test and were removed, the supporting unit rolled another three and was removed. I was in trouble. The Cuirassiers managed to also break themselves while taking on the puny Uhlans. It was game over, the mounting casualties on Schmidts Brigade meant that also broke so having lost four brigades of my own and having only broken the Uhlans.

Victorious Prussians
As always, Paul is a pleasure to play against, I am getting a bit annoyed with the piss-poor dice rolling from the start to finish of a game that seems to be endemic when using my Frenchmen though.

Anybody want beautifully painted but ultimately unlucky French army - offers start at about £2000.00 :) (don't worry I'll put them away for a few weeks and forget how shite they have performed over their last few games)
More of those bloody Prussians

There are not very many good photos from the game, strong sunlight across the table did for most of them.

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